Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food With Turkey

Mary asks…

Good performance dog foods?

I have an 80lb GSD (2 y/o). He’s an active working dog and I’m trying to find a decent performance food for him. He’s currently eating Pro Plan Selects Turkey (dry) mixed with canned Wellness 95 or Innova 95. He’s doing well health wise on this combo but sometimes, he has a hard time maintaining his weight because he’s so active. He loves working and playing so I don’t want to cut back unless It is 100% necessary . His vet recommended Pro Plan Performance food but it is too grainy and he does not digest grains well. Does any one have any suggestions?

Jimmy answers:

I have some friends that work with protection dogs and they feed RAW or blue buffalo to their GSD’s.
Better control over what goes into the diet and weight gain and loss.

I feed blue buffalo but i have a sighthound and hes a show dog until hes old enough to lure feed Blue buffalo.

Actually these guys might help

www.mydogclub.net alot of the users on there have gone raw after various bad run in’s with kibble.


miss manners: very recently alot of diamond foods have been recalled i wouldnt touch them for awhile…http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-recall/diamond-dog-food-recall-summary/ the list is growing…

Sandra asks…

why pedigree is bad dogs food?

My boyfriends thinks that pedigree is very good food for dogs cause is most popular in England. Is this a truth?? Cause i think this is rubish not for our dog. Can somebody explein it to him??

Jimmy answers:

Pedigree is not one of the better dog foods but, for grocery market dog food it is probably one of the best.
Different dogs need different requirements. I do not think that dog foods that have fillers like corn or corn meal are good for dogs.
Dogs need 20% or more when puppies from protein without corn fillers.
Better dog foods that are HOLISTIC that have salmon,turkey,rice,even vegetables as fillers are the best.
But again different dogs have different requirements.
We foster dogs and the large breed does not do well on Science diet or even Eukanuba.
We use diamond brand– chicken/rice, lamb/rice or one called chicken soup for the dog overs soul.
Even a really good dog food is dick van pattens for many dogs because of the protein,fillers and holistic type.
Some of the worst for us is dog chow regular
If in doubt look it up on the internet breeds and foods and ingredients

Nancy asks…

What’s the best dog food?

My dog is getting a little fat and I’d like her to lose some weight. I don’t give her people food, and I run with her every day. I’m worried it might be her food. Is there any kind of dog food that helps lose weight? If so, what is it?

Jimmy answers:

My favorite dog foods to feed my dogs are

Wellness dry & canned
Taste of the Wild
Only Natural Pet Dehydrated Turkey & Sweet potato

if you feed high quality food to your dog, they don’t require so much food..because they are getting high quality ingredients rather then fillers from foods like science diet, iams, pedigree….

For example
I feed my 130lb (not over weight) dog
2 cups in AM
21/2 cups PM total…

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