Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food With Turkey

Daniel asks…

Whats the best dog food for my staff?

Ok so today i bought a staff so it was a bit spontaneous so had to rush out and buy dog food.
I bought that bakers wet or dry as it was the only one in the shop. However this has given her some serious gas.
Which dog food will be better for her and not give her wind.

Thank you in advanced :)
We went to birimgham dogs home to look for a dog and couldnt find one that was suitable for our family life, as we were walking out a lady was walking in with Tia, the dog i have now, i asked her if she was going to put her in the dogs home and she replied yes so i said i’d have her.
She told me as much as she could about the dog, ie good with children, cats and other dogs but i forgot to ask her which food she was on.
Bakers wasnt my first choice of food it was the only thing the shop around the corner from me had.
Thank you to everyone who has answered properly you have been a great help :)

Jimmy answers:

Bakers is one of worst dog foods with loads of animal derivatives, E.Nos, dye and junk. One good food is James Wellbeloved, either turkey and brown rice or ocean fish and brown rice. It contains quite a lot of good ingredients, all fresh and no additives or animal derivatives. There are other good foods but you need to read the label and make sure it lists meat as the highest percentage and has no additives or animal derivatives (they are allowed to put claws and feathers etc. Into a dog food and call it chicken or turkey, and this is not digested properly by your dog and has no nutritional value whatsoever. The best place to get your dog food is a place like Pets at Home and not the supermarkets, as they only stock the rubbish. The kibble should be all the same colour and not contain any junk. It is more expensive, but you need to give your dog less, so it works out about the same economically, and will not upset your dog’s stomach and is much better for him.
Google some dog foods and you can find out a lot of information. Hope this helps. When you change to a different food, you will have to do it gradually, replacing say, half cup of old food with the new and do that a bit more each meal, otherwise her a bout of diarrhea or loose stools.

Mary asks…

Dog food question…yet again?

Ok, so I am at my wit’s end, really. Switching my dog once again as she has allergies (3 yr old Havanese). She cannot have any food with chicken or turkey. Had her on Wellness fish and potato for a while but she had so much stool so many times a day and not to mention it was very stinky! Just transitioned her to Merrick-Wilderness Blend but after she eats it she is itching like crazy! Her whiskers, her body, and I’m noticing her tear staining is coming back and becoming darker around her face again. She need a limited ingredient diet it appears. So I was switched her to California Natural- Lamb and Rice. Unfortunately she does NOT like it at all. Over the past 3 days or so has probably eaten maybe a 1/2 cup (and that’s generous). She is not itching as much so the limited ingredients is definitely helping her. Any other brands or suggestions you may have tried? She is also a picky eater (which doesn’t help either but I’m guessing she doesn’t like lamb as she used to spit out the Hundenflocken from Solid Gold) Please help!!

Jimmy answers:

For your dogs size, 1/2 to 1/3 cup of food per day should be plenty. Feed half of it in the morning and the other half at night. Put it down for 10 minutes. If she doesnt eat it, take it up and wait until the next scheduled feeding time. Do not give any treats or table scraps.

Fyi, it can take up to 12 weeks before you know if the food is helping or not.

David asks…

Can dogs eat left over turkey?

I have feed my dog turkey on thursday and friday then my sister calls me and tells me that dogs arent supposed to eat turkey becuase her dog is sick?
but yet my dog is running hyper and happy?

Jimmy answers:

Chicken & turkey are major ingredients in lots of processed dog food, and is one of the mainstay foods of most dog owners that feed their dogs a raw food diet. Too much at once, though, can cause diarrhea in the dog.

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