Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food With Turkey

Michael asks…

Is Blue Buffalo really good dog food?

I am getting my first dog and I want to make sure I feed it a healthy food. My dad has four dogs of the same breed, miniature longhaired dachshund and he feeds them a raw diet because it helps with their coat, reduces the chance of gum diseases (one of his dogs lost 22 teeth to gum disease before he switched them to raw food) and they just seem to enjoy it a lot more than dry food or canned food.

I asked around to see what is the closest store bought pet food with the health benefits of raw food, as my dad gets his raw food from a specific provider who uses buffalo, beef, chicken, duck and turkey meat, combined with vitamin supplements for dogs as fruits and vegetables that dogs would eat in the wild. I don’t have any such provider where I am living so it only seemed logical to to look at the next best thing and it would appear to be Blue Buffalo.

Has anybody ever fed this to their dogs? I have heard of some horrible dog foods out there poisoning dogs, and even being the cause of death so I want to make sure that this food is good and healthy for my pup!

Jimmy answers:

While a grain free food is fine for some dogs, most dogs will do just fine on a good quality food with some grains in it.
I have fed different versions of Blue for years now, both to my own seven dogs, and all of the fosters that come through my house.
They end up with great muscle mass and tone, good energy level, and gorgeous coats. If a food can do all that, it can’t be “bad”.
If you decide to go the grain free route, Blue makes three different versions of it. Be very careful about your selection, as too high a protein content for the wrong dog can cause obesity and other more serious health issues down the road, like kidney issues.

@soobee-please read about a company before voicing an opinion on it. Blue foods contain NO corn, wheat or soy products.


Currently I have five dogs on Blue Longevity, and two on Wellness Core.

Mandy asks…

wholesale wet dog food?

Would any one happen to know a site with cheap wholesale wet dog food? can’t seem to find any

Jimmy answers:

Crap in a can. :)

I’m in favor of dropping commercial dog food altogether and switching to a dog’s natural diet: raw meat, organs and bones. A dog is fed 2-3% of the ideal body weight each day. A puppy gets 2-3% of the ideal anticipated adult weight each day, divided into 4 meals.

I feed raw/prey model; my 50-pound shar-pei mix gets about 12oz a day, but when I have a gorge meal for her, like a turkey carcass that will take her 4-5 hours to eat, she won’t be hungry or interested in food for 2-3 days.

The ideal diet should consist of approximately 80% raw meat, 10% raw edible bone, 5% raw liver, 5% other raw organs, the occasional egg, shell and all, raw.

NO veggies, NO fruit. Dogs cannot digest vegetables or fruits; they lack the enzyme necessary to break down cellulose.

NO grains; again, dogs can’t digest cellulose, and the other ingredients are the primary cause of allergies and diabetes in dogs.

NO dairy; dogs are lactose intolerant: another digestive enzyme they don’t have.

NO supplements other than a spoonful of deepsea fish body oil for the Omega-3 that corn-finished meat does not contain.

Mary asks…

Hypoallergenic dog foods?

Quite a while back, my german shepherd dog at around 1.5 years started showing signs of irritation (excessive licking, chewing paws, itching and general distress). I took him to the vets and was told that he may be allergic to the cereals in his dog food (bakers at the time). I quickly put him onto Skinners Field & Trial salmon & rice hypoallergenic dog food soon after. Things were looking good, however he seems to have gone off of the food, we tried changing to lamb & rice but he wasn’t to interested in that either.

So my question is, do you know of any hypoallergenic dog foods that work and are also enjoyable for the dog, I really hate seeing him like this and having to encourage him to eat it isn’t nice at all. Thanks in advance

Jimmy answers:

Generally, for severe skin allergies I recommend Nutro Natural Choice Grain Free formulas. They are great for dogs with allergies since they only have one meat protein (either lamb, venison, fish, or turkey) and one carbohydrate source as the potato. So it doesn’t have a lot of extra ingredients which might cause issues. I feed my lab Natural Choice and he absolutely loves it. I love how well he does on it. His skin and coat are absolutely gorgeous. I hope that helps you!!!

Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company

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