Discussing Questions And Answers About Dry Dog Food Made With Turkey

Donald asks…

My dog only eats this in his food.?

I have a 7 month old puppy and he doesn’t eat his food just dry. So I added hotdogs, turkey cold cuts and ham in the blender and made it into a pasty mixture. When he eats I add 3 tablespoons of it in his dry food. Is this bad for him?

Jimmy answers:

Try to reduce the amount of additional foods, as you are upsetting the nutritional balance. Your dog will eat when he is hungry, so don’t leave the food down -offer it and wait for 10 minutes, then remove the dish and discard any remaining food. He should be fed twice a day, plus a bedtime biscuit, and no extras (except when you are training him).
He will not starve!

Joseph asks…

Solid Gold food?

Currently I feed my dog wellness dog food….but she is not doing that well on it. Does anyone here feed their dog Solid gold??? So far she loves it and is doing great on it. Any input would be helpful!! Thanks

Jimmy answers:

Solid Gold and Wellness are good foods (definitely better then Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, etc) but you are obviously aware of that.

I do have a couple of concerns with Solid Gold…which is why in my books it does not rate at the top of the list.

Solid Gold dog foods are made with Beef, Bison, Fish and Lamb. There are very few formulas that have chicken or eggs. Chicken can be a potential allergen for some dogs BUT it is the only meat that is highly digestible. Eggs are rated to be 100% digestible. Chicken and turky come in around 90%. When you get to beef, fish and lamb, you start to get down to the 70-80% range. So, if the food says it contains 24% protein you have to realize that if it is made with beef, fish or lamb, the dog isn’t actually getting the full 24% protein. This is a little gimick food companies don’t want you to know about. It is how a company can use corn as it’s main ingredient and still say it has 24% protein, even though the dog will only absorb about 12% of the protein.

Another problem with Solid Gold is its frequent use of millet and rice bran. These two ingredients are actually just carb fillers. They do not really contain any significant source of nutrition for your dog.

There are a couple of other minor things as well but not so important.

The thing is is that Solid Gold is a good food and if your dog is doing well there probably is no reason to switch…which could upset their stomach.


I would just like to let you know what I feel is the best quality food currently on the market. I have not been able to find a food that even comparies to the following.

Natura Pet Products makes several lines of food: Healthwise, Innova, California Natural, and Karma (95% organic).

Most people cannot afford organic food so in my opinion, Innova is the BEST line of dog food available. Just compare the two typical adult dog formulas for Solid Gold and Innova:

Lamb Meal
Brown Rice
Cracked Pearled Barley
Rice Bran
Menhaden Fish Meal
Canola Oil
Flax Meal
Dried Chicory Root

Chicken Meal
Ground Barley
Ground Brown Rice
Natural Flavors
Ground White Rice
Chicken Fat
Cottage Cheese
Sunflower Oil
Alfalfa Sprouts

Every single ingredient in Innova is there because it is high in nutrition rather then just being a filler.

Anyways, I could keep going on but I just wanted to let you know what really is the best food.

If you find you have to switch, definitely check out Innova’s website at www.naturapet.com.

Take care,

Sandra asks…

whats the best dog food?

Jimmy answers:

STAY AWAY from popular commercial brands of food. Foods like Pedigree, Science Diet, Iams, Purina, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, etc. All use low grade by-product and fillers that are dangerous to a dogs health.

Here, take a look at the Pedigree and three other “popular” brands and then compare it with Innova which is smaller company that produces the Healthiest pet foods on the market.

-GROUND WHOLE CORN (should NOT be in pet foods, low grade filler, not digestible by dogs)
-MEAT AND BONE MEAL(should NOT be in pet foods, this is the renderings from dead, diseased, decaying animals including euthanized cats, dogs, cows, pigs, horses, rabbits, porcupine, poultry, etc. These are NOT fit for consumption)
-CORNT GLUTEN MEAL (low grade filler, pastey residue left after corn is processed)
-CHICKEN BY-PRODUCT MEAL (chicken feet, feathers, beaks, organs, NO meat, not digestible by dogs)
-ANIMAL FAT (unidentified source, company is hiding something)
-preserved with BHA/BHT (cancer causing preservative)
-CHICKEN (good but too low on ingredient list to offer any nutrition to dog)
-RICE (good but too low on ingredient list to offer any nutrition to dog)
-WHEAT FLOUR (no nutirition, just a filler)
-DRIED PEAS (good but too low on list)
-DRIED BEET PULP (cheap filler)
-WHEAT MILL RUN (“shell” of wheat, no nutritional value, filler)
-SALT (Should NOT be in pet foods)

So there is NO beneficial nutrition in Pedigree. It is a cheap food that is made of ingredients that have been deemed unfit for human consumption so instead of getting rid of them, companies salvage them and them into pet foods.

Here are the ingredients of Iams, Science Diet and Purina
Iams (three other popular but low grade foods):
-CHICKEN BY PRODUCTS (the feet, feathers, beeks, undeveloped eggs, ograns of dead, disease, or dying animals)
-CORN GRITS (low grade filler with not nutritional value, causes skin irritations)
-CORN MEAL(more low grade filler with no nutrition)
-FISH MEAL (undetermined type of fish)
-DRIED BEET PULP (undigestible filler)
-DRIED EGG PRODUCT (egg shells or those unfit for humans)

Sience Diet (this is the vet prescribe diet)
-BREWERS RICE (rice fraction)
-PORK FAT (dogs do not digest pork)
-CHICKEN LIVER (contains high levels of toxins)
-preserved with BHA/BHT (this is a CHEMICAL preservative proven to cause cancer)

-POULTRY BY PRODUCTS (they don’t specify what type of meat)
-WHEAT FLOUR (no nutrition, common allergen)
-BEEF TALLOW (low grade fat for flavouring, no nutrition)
-WHEAT GLUTEN (the startch from the wheat)
-FISH MEAL (unspecificed source)

Now, the previous four foods are seriously the same as eating McDonalds everyday for humans. They have NO nutritional benefits and ALL have ingredients that are linked to poor health outcomes like obesity, cancer, diabetes, skin irritations, etc. Feeding these low grade foods may seem like an economical way to go but when you have to start paying the vet bills for a sick dog you’ll wish that you would have spent a little more money on good food to prevent these things from happening.

Now, here is Innova which is the HEALTHIEST pet food on the market. Notice that they company uses only whole, fresh human grade ingredients. There is nothing in this food that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

Innova Adult:
-Turkey (good)
-Chicken (good)
-Chicken Meal (great)
-Ground Barley (good)
-Ground Brown Rice (great)
-Potatoes (good)
-Natural Flavors (good)
-Ground White Rice (good)
-Chicken Fat (okay)
-Herring (good)
-Apples (great)
-Carrots (great)
-Cottage Cheese (good)
-Sunflower Oil (good)
-Alfalfa Sprouts (great)
-Egg (excellent)

Animals are so much like humans in the fact that a healthy diet and exercise will prevent the deadly illnesses that they face. Use your common sense. When you see things like “by-products” “corn” “animal” you know that the company is using questionable ingredients.

If you truly care about your pets health and want them around for a long time, you need to provide your dog with a nutritious diet

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