Discussing Questions And Answers About Dry Dog Food Made With Turkey

Betty asks…

(Canidae) Is this dog food…?

as good as I’ve heard/read about? I’ve been seeing alot of people recommending Canidae dog food, so I started reading about it and on their website. Everything sounds really great but any company will make their product soung amazing. But I did read about each individual ingredient they use and everything sounds good. I have 2 dogs who I spoil like crazy with a mix of Nutro Natural Choice dog food and home-made dog food whenever I can make it. Does anyone have experience feeding Canidae to their dogs? Is it really that much better than the Nutro I’m already using for the price it costs? I am almost out of dog food (in a day or 2) and was thinking of trying it. What do you think?

Jimmy answers:

I also use Nutro and add Natures Balance doggy sausage, a little canned food, Veggies, Yogurt and some pumpkin (not the pie mix, that has lots of sugar, just pumpkin) was being added till my one dog said he hated pumpkin. My theory is that if the dry food isn’t the only thing their eating anyway, as long as it’s high quality dog food your fine.

Plus if you are going to switch, make sure you have enough dry Nutro to “ween” them on to the new food. If you were going to go out to day and get the new food, they you should get one more bag and then ween. Take a week or two and slowly increase the amount each day of the new food (5%-10%-20%-30%-40%-50%-60%-75% 95% then 100%) Dogs don’t need the variety people do. They do better staying on one (high quality food).

Their are many great brands of dog food, but remember, some breeds will do better on others and some dogs have allergies and some dislike one thing vs. Another. My one dog can’t have beef, liver, Pork or Turkey. So he either has to be on lamb or chicken. Nutro is lamb based. The last food he was on when I got him from a rescue was chicken based. It took him a while to fully adjust but likes it now. I gave his foster mom some Nutro and she gave him a little bit for a week or two before he came and then I weened him off it the rest of the way over a week.

My recommendation is if you are serious about changing the food, Number one see if you can obtain some samples. Also, find a rescue group or a club for your type(s) of dogs. Most have forums that you can ask questions and get advice. A boxer group would have much different recommendations then a Chinese Crested Group vs. A Boston Terrier Vs. An Alaskan Malamute. I know some people hate one brand, love another so don’t just ask for what they use, ask why it’s better, and how much better. But again, they are individuals just like us. I can’t stand Pepsi and love McDonald’s and you may swear Burger king is the best and Pepsi is the drink of the Gods. That even happens with dog food. Some times it seems like people just like saying they $20 for 5 Ibs vs. $10 Ibs. As long as it It’s high Quality your good but if you want change make an informed choice and think about the reasons for change. (poor coat, lethargic etc)

Good Luck!

Ken asks…

Another dog food question… Sorry.?

I know this has been a common question lately… I apologize for bringing it up again. I’ve been looking at food brands like Evo and Innova for my puppy and can’t seem to find a food that is specific to the needs of a puppy with those two companies. I keep reading that they are the most highly suggested grain free natural foods. I only want the best for my Aussie, he’s already got dry skin and isn’t too keen on his Iam naturals food. What I guess I’m asking is do I need a puppy specific food from these two companies or does it cater to all ages (I’m worried it won’t have all the vitamins a growing puppy needs)? If I do, am I just missing the puppy food? If they don’t sell puppy food what’s a brand that does with the same credentials? Thanks for the help in advance.
I’m embarrassed I completely missed the Innova puppy food. Apologies.

Jimmy answers:

Ok, to get something straight here, Evo is made by Innova. It is their grain free line. All other Innova products that are not Evo, contain grains. The Innova puppy food contains barley, brown rice and rice. It isn’t a bad food, as the first 3 ingredients are turkey, chicken and chicken meal, but it still isn’t the best, as it contains grains.

I think Evo is the best overall food, but you are right, they don’t make a puppy food. My puppy, all 8 month of him, is currently on Orijen brand food. They make 2 puppy formulas. One is a general puppy and the other is puppy food for large breed dogs. I would highly recommend putting him on Orijen puppy food. Then when he is older, you can decide whether to switch to Evo or stay with one of Orijen’s other foods.

I would rank Orijen and Evo at the top. There is no better food than those two. If you can’t find Orijen in your local pet stores (ask them if they could possibly carry it) go to petfooddirect.com. If you sign up for their newsletter they send coupons for discounts all the time. If you buy more than 1 bag at a time you will save money on shipping. If you don’t want to do that, the best alternate choices would be Wellness Super 5 Mix: Just for puppy, or the Innova puppy food. They aren’t quite as good, but are so much better than a lot of others out there.

Donna asks…

My cat eats meow mix (dry) and is not getting enough nutrition. ?

What is a god food with a lot of nutrition for an indoor cat? She is very sensitive to fleas even though we use a monthly treatment on her and i think part if it it because her immune system is weal due to lack of nutrition. Thanks for any help!

Jimmy answers:

I agree w/ Rob & Jordan S. & seaotter. Here are the 1st couple ingredients from Meow Mix ingredients list (from their website):
Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken By-Product Meal, Soybean Meal, Beef Tallow Preserved with Mixed-Tocopherols (Source of Vitamin E), Turkey By-Product Meal, Salmon Meal, Oceanfish Meal, Brewers Dried Yeast,

Here are the 1st couple ingredients from a brand called California Natural: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Rice, Chicken Fat (Preserved w/ Natural Mixed Topcopherols & Citric Acid)

Ingredients are listed by what the food contains the most to least. Cats are carnivores and need a meat based diet. Their anatomy never evolved to deal w/ large amounts of corn. Meow Mix barely has any meat and what it does have, you don’t want to know what it is. Meow Mix is mainly made of corn that is baked into kibbles and then SPRAYED w/ animal fat. At least try to look for a food that doesn’t contain corn anything as the 1st 3 ingredients. Usually it will be a brand you,ve never heard of. Pro Plan Selects might work but honestly, a few bucks more and you can find something with no corn in it.

Many dogs and cats have food allergies (b/c most is sub-par for them) that manifest as excessive itching/ scratching. Are you actually seeing fleas or flea dirt on your cat? I’m wondering if this is more likely to be the case, especially if you are using something like Frontline or Advantage. If you are using a flea collar or some other supermarket brand flea preventative you are also most likely throwing your money away and could be introducing your cat to harmful substances. Talk to your vet about food allergies or seek another if you feel they are not very knowledgable. You will need to switch brands to a limited ingredient brand like California Naturals or EVO (I know they make 1 for dogs) and your cat should have no other food, not even people food, for at least a month while on this diet to see if itching subsides.

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