Discussing Questions And Answers About Dry Dog Food Made With Turkey

Betty asks…

Salmonella – has anyone’s dog ever actually got sick from it?

In light of yet another recall of dog products due to salmonella and always hearing warnings about how ‘dangerous’ raw meat and eggs are I got to wondering.

I know that there was recently a kibble recall after some owners fell ill but I’ve never heard of a dog actually getting ill from salmonella. I’m not talking about finding it in stool samples because nearly 40% of dogs will show salmonella when tested BUT actual full blown illness.

FDA Health Alert for Certain Pet Treats Made by Pet Carousel

For Immediate Release: Nov. 5, 2009
Products may be contaminated with Salmonella

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is issuing this health alert to warn consumers not to use Pig Ears and Beef Hooves pet treats manufactured by Pet Carousel because the products may be contaminated with Salmonella.

The products were distributed nationwide in both bulk and retail packaging for sale in pet food and retail chain stores. Pet Carousel is based in Sanger, Calif.

So my question is – has your dog ever been ill with salmonella and was the origin of the pathogen traced back to anything in particular?
Or have you personally ever had it? what from?

Jimmy answers:

Fantastic Debate – I love this one! Always interesting with loads of controversy.

Everyone freaks out about salmonella. It is actually rarer then you might think.

There will be problems and disagreements with feeding, as long as dogs have mouths and stomachs and require nutrition to survive!! Not everyone will agree… Ever!

For every chipped tooth because of a raw bone – there will be the argument of tartar and rotten teeth falling out from commercial food.

For every bowel impaction from a bone, there is bloat from feeding dry etc and so on. (I won’t even bother to mention the negatives on cooked bones).

For every anti raw feeder there will be an anti commercial feeder. There are no doubt pros and cons for each. It never ends. I won’t go into the debate on feeding veggies or not either – I will leave that for another time!

The trick is deciding what YOU as an individual would prefer to choose. Each to their own!!

My dogs have eaten raw meat and bones for nearly 4 decades as well as dry food in the past too. And yes back many many years ago, they even used to get to horrible old raw meat that my mum found in the back of the fridge and deemed unsuitable for human consumption (yikes). I think decades ago we were all less aware and concerned. And no. I never saw a dog sick from it (there may have been the odd upset tummy that I was unaware of, but that’s all). I am much more conscientious then my parents were about meat quality for my dogs (in the 70′s I think my families dogs were considered part garbage disposals – lol). And no we have never had a bowel impaction, perforation, vet visit or even a chipped tooth from feeding raw meat or bones! This is not to say it couldn’t happen. But I think things just get blown out of proportion.

These days my dogs eat chicken, turkey, brisket, lamb, fish, offal etc etc… All raw. All high quality. No ill effects.

Dogs have a very different digestive system to humans and can’t be compared to us really as people often try to do. They CAN cope with salmonella better then we can.

Petstores sell puppy mill pets – I got a bit confused reading your post? Sorry! This is not meant as a criticism or to be condesending. I would just like some clarification.
You said that your dog got sick from cooked commercial food. But then you said that raw is bad.
Are you against commercial and raw?
Did I misunderstand?
Which do you feed then?

Also – Chimpanzees most definitely eat meat as well as plant matter. A true omnivore. They can be incredibly vicious and brutal hunters and will even eat other monkeys and often hunt in packs like other meat eaters, they have even been known to perform cannibalistic acts on rivalling groups. They eat everything and anything just like us. However, as similar as we may be to them… We no doubt would be dead from salmonella if we ate their same diet, with raw meat etc. I am not exactly sure what you were trying to explain there. Although theoretically we eat many similar things too (meat, fruits etc). But again, I have no doubt our digestive systems etc are adapted very differently now. Theirs like a dog, can obviously handle more bacteria then ours.

And as genetically different as you say dogs may be to wolves… We are talking SPECIFICALLY digestive systems here. And I am not sure there is research for that specifically, DNA or otherwise? I would go as far to say, that dogs and wolves digestive systems are probably closer than the digestive systems of humans and chimps. Does that make sense? After all we would die from salmonella if we ate animal carcasses and offal like a chimp, or starve to death if we tried to live off leaves, yet chimps can digest them. But dogs can eat a “wolfs” diet and live healthily.

All animals adapt slightly differently. A horse and cow – are both herbivores and domesticated farm animals that both eat and digest very efficiently, the same diet of grass, grains and hay. However, many things a cow can tolerate will kill a horse very quickly. Cows can eat very old mouldy or musty hay; the same will kill a horse in a horrifically painful death known as colic. A common horse killer. This is because of the vastly different digestive system, between two animals that actually have an identical diet! Go figure!?

Digestive systems need to be addressed individually and not compared to other species. Dogs and humans simply cannot be compared. Chimps and human either. Dogs and wolves… Well I believe many of us prove every day, that they can eat and survive off a similar diet. Well at least mine does!

My dogs also love eating my horses and cows poo… That’s right they LOVE IT!
Filled with salmonella, no doubt. They eat rabbit and fox crap too – Yes dogs are gross!
No ill effects.
Again, I am sure some dog owners may have had a dog that got sick. But I can’t believe it would be common.

EDIT (Yep, this bit is meant to be a little condesending):
One last thing… I normally NEVER bother with the debate about how feeding our dogs raw can be a problem for our own health via contamination etc, even though it has been brought up again and again, this is because it seems such a silly one. So the following will be a first for me…

I eat meat too. Not just my dog. So do many people I know. In fact I have only one friend who doesn’t. I have never been sick from something I cooked with meat in it (although I once nearly ended up in hospital from eating toadstools that I SWORE were field mushrooms. They looked almost identical – and I can now tell the difference!!).

When I buy my meat it is raw prior to cooking. So I prepare it. Sometimes thats just a case of slapping it in a fry pan, sometimes there is more to it (dicing, chopping etc). I feel stupid to even be writing this, but I feel I have to point these rediculous things out.

After I am done, I wash up. I wash my hands and If I used a chopping board or a knife. I wash those too. Thoroughly. With hot soapy water. I disinfect all my benches after doing the dishes too, as I know it could make me sick otherwise. I eat meat of some discription almost every day. I do not chop veggies on the same side as my meat. I flip the board first or use a clean board. I was taught to handle meat this way by my mother, when I was a child. It had nothing to do with dog food. Meat is meat. Be hygenic.

I don’t want to keep reading about how feeding our dogs raw can make US sick. Do your dishes! Whether you feed raw or not!! I dont eat my dogs raw meat or eat out of their bowls and have no intention of doing so in the future. Their bowls never touch my kitchen bench. They are washed in the laundry. Again, my mother taught me this, even though back then we fed dry and tinned food!!! I am not sure how handling my dogs meat differs in handling my own. But I hope these tips have helped some of you learn how to prepare meat – yours and your pets!!

Cats and dogs also lick their butt and the butts of others, then their fur sometimes. So wash your hands before you eat, after patting them – Even if you only feed them dry food!! Yep – my mum taught me that too! (She was a wealth of knowledge when it came to hygine).

Ps – For those of you that didn’t have wonderful mothers like mine to teach you. You are also supposed to wash your hands after you go to the toilet too!! You will be most likely to get salmonella poisoning that way, if you don’t.

Pps – Prehaps someone should tell poor Robert Backus this. Maybe he didn’t have a mum like mine!

Joseph asks…

My dog will not eat..?

We have tried every food possible, and have even mixed wet and dry food together which for a while he ate. Now he starves himself until he dry heaves/pukes up bile. The only thing he wants is people food, I’ve tried mixing certain people foods with his dog food that are supposed to be good for him but he either just licks it off or literally picks out every bit of whatever it is I put in there. I have also tried the dog gravy that doesn’t work anymore either.

Jimmy answers:

First don’t feed him your food! He will eat when he gets hungry enough! One thing you can do is made him some brown rice and turkey, chicken or beef. Try that for a few days! Also only put his food down for 10 min 2 times a day and that’s it! If he is still not eating then take him to the vet! It could be something else! But because he is eat some food I think he is being a pain and wants your food! No madder how bad you feel for him do not feed him anything but his food!

Susan asks…

OK sorry about this but here is another dog food question ,,, because I’m trying to learn..?

No cooking for my dog isn’t a choice I’m ready to make..

what do you think about these indegredients :

Chicken, turkey, oatmeal, whole grain brown rice, chicken meal, turkey meal, whole grain white rice, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), potatoes, cracked pearled barley, millet, duck, salmon, egg product, flaxseed, natural chicken flavor, kelp, potassium chloride, salt, choline chloride, glucosamine hydrochloride, chicory root extract, carrots, peas, apples, dried skim milk, cranberry powder, rosemary extract, parsley flake. Vitamins and minerals.

after I get a few answers I’ll say what it is..
Guaranteed Analysis %:
Crude Protein (Min) 20
Moisture (Max) 10
Crude Fiber (Max) 8
Crude Fat (Min) 6
Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Min) 2.2
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Min) 0.4
Selenium (Min) mg/kg 0.4
Sodium (Max) 0.3

Extra Information:
Zinc 150 mg/kg
Vitamin E 300 IU/kg
L-Carnitine 40 mg/kg
the obvious reason I don’t give a brand name is because people love to say it sucks based on a brand..
instead of facts
sorry DP that’s all I have right now.
good call, it is a senior dog food
The brand is…. drum roll please



or this site

Jimmy answers:

This sounds like one of the foods I feed, I would go with it no corn and two meat sources is a great food.

Thing is as you ay it is a brand bad name thing that people get on. But also if people look at what goes intot he foods two foods made byt he same comapny even just under a different name like diamond makes Chicken soup.

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