Discussing Questions And Answers About Dry Dog Food Made With Turkey

Robert asks…

Have You Ever Eaten A Dog Biscuit?lmfao?

I didt but my bother did XD


Jimmy answers:

I have yet to eat that but i have eaten my other pets food. I want to make sure they got something tasty and not something horrible.

I have eated small portions of the following:



crackled corn (internet wouldnt display pic boo)






i coudlnt find the dry food but it is one that smells horrible but u just cant stop smellin it its addictive lol and it looks appetizing aswell



Hermit crabs


http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2754128 (smells good)
there is another 1 but i cant find it online that they currently have.




http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2752647&lmdn=Reptile (the best smellin of all the foods)
there is another 1 but i cant find its basically dried shimp it ubberly stinks bad lol

i hate when pets dont like what u buy them ugh thats y i must try new things especially on the turtles. The chickens r easiest lol they love the dried corn. I had more links but yahoo made me delete 4. They were for the turtle and crab foods.

Well enjoy the rest of ur day and have an even better one tommorw :) hope i didnt come off as weird :(

Mary asks…

Do cats and dogs live longest on a raw diet?

Jimmy answers:

I feel it is the most healthy at least for cats but you can’t just give them meat they have all kinds of vitamin needs. You can buy good raw food in pet stores.
By feeding only wet good high protein cat food you will find your cat will have far less problems if any at all, with crystals, blockages or urinary tract infections. There is also a much better chance of avoiding diabetes and many other illnesses. Also he/she will have a better coat of fur and it will not have dandruff and it will be glossy. Your cat will reach a good weight – whether she/he needs to gain or lose weight – and she/he will eat less than a cheap can of food filled with bad protein and carbohydrates. Not saying all cheap cans are no good. There are some very good ones available. If you can not afford canned food from the high end list of foods check out http://binkyspage.tripod.com/CanFoodNew.…
Choose a food that is high in protein and is under 10% carbohydrates and stay away from fish. You will even find a few Walmart brands there on the list that are pretty decent in numbers.
You can leave canned food out all the time to feed your cat 24 hours a day. Many cats are grazers. Even in the summer it is ok to leave out wet food for 12 hours. Add a tablespoon or 2 of water to it so they get more fluids and so it stays more moist.
The other place to read is what Dr Lisa Pierson DVM has written. She has devoted her life to proper diets for cats and tells how to get a cat to change over from a dry to wet diet etc.


Some really good brands are :
Wellness I see that wellness has tons of cans with fish. Fish can be used now and then but best not in a daily diet.

Innova/EVO hard to find just what is the ingredients are but seems good.

Blue Buffalo/Wilderness Wild Delights™ Chicken & Turkey Recipe some of these brands have veggies in and that is not for a cat. Look at the ingredients of this one and you see good food and no grains and certainly no veggies. Http://www.bluebuffalo.com/cat-food/wild…

Felidae http://www.canidae.com/cats/cat_and_kitt…

Nature’s Variety Instinct http://www.naturesvariety.com/Instinct/c… in cans.
Don’t buy any dry even made by these companies.

Dr. Lisa Pierson DVM has spent her life teaching cat nutrition. Catinfo.org is her site and has so much good info on cat diets and which canned foods she recommends
Dry food is bad and does nothing to clean a cats teeth. I have seen cats that are a year old with rotten teeth and all they ever ate was dry.
Buying food from the vet is not the best quality food you can find. In most vet schools the nutrition classes are given by a pet food company without charge to the University, they of course promote their products and the cheapest products for them to make and earn the biggest profit is the dry ingredients as it is mostly carbs and cheap protein like from corn or rice not meat.

Most prescription diets are good for the pet food company as they stiff you on the price and then of course your vet gets money. Many vets earn 20% or more of their yearly wage from selling prescription diets.

Betty asks…

Why does my 3-year old dog smell like an old dog?

I have a 3-year old beagle/dachshund mix that I’ve had for almost a year. At first, he smelled like a kennel since my family got him from a shelter and once he was bathed and cleaned, he was fine. Another odor occurred but that was because we were feeding him soft-food. But now, he smells so old, even when we give him a bath. It’s in the furniture and carpet and now we bathe him once a week and have to vacuum perhaps everyday. He didn’t get sprayed by a skunk, or rolled in anything. He has an excellent diet, so it’s not teeth/gum problems (as mentioned). He doesn’t have any infections or skin conditions, I don’t have money to go to a vet at the moment.
He is a really sweet dog and I love him dearly and want to get this odor under control. Any help would be appreciated.

Jimmy answers:

If he smells like old wet dog, then it is probably an intollerance to grain in his food. One of my female dobermans smelled like an old dog. (at 2 yrs old) or like an old wet dog, and it was horrible. Her feet really stunk the worse. I used to wash bedding every couple days, I had to put blankets and sheets on the couches and rugs that are washable all over for her to lie on. I was always at the washer and dryer.. It was not fun. We changed her to a food with NO grains in it. That means NO RICE , corn, oatmeal or grain of any kind. She started smelling better within a week. I now feed raw (ground meat and bone,from “Hare today…”and “Honest Kitchen” dehydrated raw food.(It comes in many different formulas) Honest kitchen is a little expensive , but you only need to feed about 2and a half cups a day for a 73 lb dog. So a beagle would take little. It made her skin clear, eyes bright, she is happier, although I thought she was happy before… She has no doggy smell , no bad breath, nothing… I know it is much easier to clean up the pooh in the yard, it is smaller and easier to get rid of. It will actually disintegrate if I leave it a week. I would say if the dog smells that is only one symptom that he is allergic or intollerant to grains or something else in his food. My girl mostly ate chicken and that seemed to become a problem after a while, I thinkshe is better with turkey based food. It could be causing him joint pain, excess mucous, skin issues like itching, all sort of things, but dogs hide problems really well.. Cause in the wild , sick means being attacked by healthy animals. When I stated the change I used just the Honest kitchen brand Embark food, it contains none of the grains that cause problems in lots of dogs. It is a powdered (with some pieces) food that you put water with (I use turkey stock to rehydrate it sometimes) wait 10 minutes then feed. Both my dogs werent sure they liked it at first ,(actualy hated it at first cause they werent used to it, being REAL and all, so it took about a couple days for them to LOVE It. Now they lick the plates clean and look for more… I started by mixing with broth and some of the old food, to change them over during a week . If you can’t do Honest kitchen try something like Taste of the wild, or Origen, they are other good foods but in kibble form. But I would try a non grain food first. You may have to try a few til you find the right one for your dog. But you will know when you find it. The dog will be clean smelling, healthy and happy. Probably act like a puppy again….

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