Discussing Questions And Answers About Good Boy Dog Food Treats

Susan asks…

Why does my dog cower when I feed him?

My boyfriend and I adopted dexter 4 months ago. His owner passed away from cancer and he needed a new home. He’s almost 3 years old and is a german shepherd mix. He’s the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet, very passive. Since adopting him we’ve been sure to lavish him with love, and try to provide a structured loving environment for him. We play, cuddle, go on walks, go to the dog park, the works. Lately when I try to serve him his dinner before bed, he’s started cowering away from me and my boyfriend. The more attention we draw to his food the more anxious he gets. We are sure to speak gently, and encourage him that he’s a good boy but it’s just met with him lying at our feet shaking. The only way we can get him to eat is to break up a treat and mix it with the food. Once he starts eating we praise him, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Now when I walk out of the kitchen with his bowl he runs to his bed and looks at me like I’m about to beat him. It saddens and frustrates me that he acts this way. Does anyone have some insight that can help? I know he wasn’t abused in his last home.

Jimmy answers:

Look over the dog’s shoulder. When you are interacting with your dog, do not make eye contact unless he is very relaxed. Eye contact is a dominance display and it can make a nervous dog much more timid. If you do make eye contact, take pains to blink a great deal.

Donald asks…

Is this poem in blank verse? How can I make it blank verse?

Ive been working on this poem for a while and cannot determine whether it follows the regular blank verse meter throughout or not. If anyone could help let me know or help me make it into blank verse, I would greatly appreciate it!

The boy in my dreams
He comes and goes in my dreams every night,
Never thought that he could be real but just an illusion was my wish,
And all the time I woke up from my dreams,
All that I could recall was his thin dirty back,
As he turns away from me,
Every night I contemplated and questioned,
Why, why do you keep reappearing?
While you will never utter a word,
Because the only thing I can see is the mystery written on his face,
While his body eagerly begs that a good soul will once appear,
And be the refuge for this feeble creature.
In mystery he sat, at the darkest corners of the street,
With his head on the knees,
While like a ball he curled his weak body,
Covered with rugs he called clothes
While in his eyes was nothing but range and hatred,
That he felt for the world and its people.
His food was the left overs,
Thrown away at the garbage bags and bins,
Yet he ate with no strength to complain
How filthy the food was,
As he had no one to cry to,
Have pity on me,
Was all his eyes kept on begging,
Where, where did you ever originate from and where is your home?
Or who is your daddy or mommy
Why did they abandon you in the cold jungle?
Where no one sees you as a real being?
I ran away from my home
Because my step dad hated me and beat me
While my drunkard mother was barely there
To nurture me and feed my hungry stomach,
Was the entire answer the boy could answer me.
Who will ever take care of your weak body?
And nurture your already broken soul?
Were among the many unanswered rhetorical questions
That repeatedly rang in my imaginative mind.
All of these were but in vain
As they lacked no real and specific answer
That I desperately needed.
I wondered for several nights
Who was this boy in my dreams?
As all I could contemplate,
Is that he was a street boy beckoning me from far,
Demanding and further demanding,
For all our attention,
All that he earnestly begged was respect, love and care from the people,
And get someone who will willingly in good heart,
To point him to the right direction of life,
Before the real street life eventually catches up,
And turn the boy’s little soul into a horrible home,
Filled with all the known vices and criminal acts,
While in reality we will be the ones to blame,
For neglecting this boy on the streets,
As he keeps appearing in my dreams,
We neglect and ignore them,
When they beg us for money and food stuff on the streets,
While like wild dogs we treat them,
When they abuse us on the street corners as we pass,
Their lives are filled with misery,
And make them turn into drugs, violence and prostitution,
As this is a way of life they see,
That will take away their misery and fill their growling stomachs.
Will the street boy ever be saved from this life?
Will he ever enjoy the warmth of a blanket?
Or have a vacation on the beach and the mountains?
Or will he eventually be swallowed by the street life of crime?
These are the questions that are never answered as I wake up,
Because the boy on the street just vanishes,
And wait to reappear in my next dream.
10 points to whoever can help!

Jimmy answers:

No, it is nowhere close to being in blank verse. Blank verse (which you must not confuse with “free verse,” which is totally different), is unrhymed iambic pentameter.

Iambic pentameter consists of five “feet” per line, with each “foot” having the pattern of unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. Not every line has to conform exactly to that pattern, but in general they must all be reasonably close to it. This means that, among other things, each line should have approximately 10 syllables — many of your lines are nowhere close to 10 — and the syllables should be distributed in approximately that pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.

To see what real blank verse looks like, read some lines from Milton’s “Paradise Lost” or from the verse portions of any Shakespeare play.

Nancy asks…

Is my puppy too submissive?

I have a 4 month old mix breed puppy. Every time he see me he lays down, tail wagging or rolls over to his belly. When we go for walks his tail is down. He always lays by my feet when I sit on the couch or while using the computer. He follows me when I get up. As he follow his tail still wags, but he lays or sits when I go to pet him. I play with him often and take him on walks everyday. He eats plenty and I never hit or yell at my dog. I hope he is just being respectful, and doesn’t fear me.
How I train my dog:
1. When he relieves himself indoors, I give a firm “No” and take him outside. I praise him by saying, “Good boy” and I pat him on the head when he goes outside.
2. When he chews, I give him a firm “No” and give him his bone or tog toy.
3. When we go for a walk, I keep him near next to me and give him slack when he needs to relieve himself.
4. When he jumps up I give him a firm “No”, tell him to sit, physically sit him down, pat his head and say, “Good boy.”
5. I never give him human food, nor allow him on the furniture unless we invite him up.
6. He only sleeps at the foot of the bed.
7. He gets praises and treats for good behavior.

Is he too submissive?

Jimmy answers:

No! You have him exactly the way he is supposed to be with you. Congrats! He is following the pack and keeping an eye on the pack leader. You are in full control. Have fun for the next 13-18 years with your dog.

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