Discussing Questions And Answers About Home Made Dog Food Recipes

Sharon asks…

What is a good recipe for home made dog treats?

I need a good recipe for a small, active dog. I would prefer ingredients that I can find in my kitchen, but I can buy special ingredients.My dog hates most commercially made dog treats, plus they aren’t very nutritious. A recipe for dog food would also be appreciated, but I plan to feed him primarily on Blue.

Jimmy answers:

Check out Rachel Ray’s website. She makes a lot of dog treats and food for her APBT Isaboo.

James asks…

If I am making home made dog food, should I be feeding them more or less?

For dry dog food they get 2 cups, twice a day. This recipe is 6 chicken breasts, 4-6 potatoes, 2 cans of veggies (usually carrots and peas or green beans). They are loving it- but at 4 cups a day EACH dog it goes fast. Do you think I should be feeding them less, since there are no ‘fillers’ or the same, or more?

Jimmy answers:

I mix my homemade w/ high quality kibble BECAUSE I have St. Bernard’s and they LOVE to eat!
I make a huge pot of homemade doggy stew and keep it in the fridge. I just re-heat each portion before pouring it over their kibble. To answer your question, you should feed less, then you would the commercial food. My male Saint Bernard eats 5 cups total a day, 3 cups homemade & 2 cups kibble. He was up to 7 & 8 cups w/ just straight kibble. I feed them twice a day. I don’t add Pasta, Rice, Oatmeal,Barley, etc. When I mix w/ kibble, all kibble w/ grain, is enough carbs. Also, you can use Ground Turkey for a change, it has a strong smell, and the dogs love it! I switch Vegetables all the time also, my dogs eat all veggies except Onions of course!! Their favorites are Broccoli & cooked Beets, oh yeah, and Mustard Greens??? Not my first choice, but the dogs go crazy!!
Hope this helps!!!! Take Care!!!!

I forgot to mention, Fresh Vegetables & Frozen are A LOT better than can veggies. You can get frozen rather cheap if you look around. I get HUGE bags at WalMart. I use Fresh inless I’m in a huge hurry, and all I have on hand are frozen!!
Raw & kibble do not mix well, but it is FINE to mix kibble & cooked!!

Donna asks…

Home-made dog food ideas?

I’ve got a bulldog puppy… we’re currently feeding her Wellness, but I’d like to switch up her food once in a while to give her an alternative w/o giving her unhealthy food.

Does anyone have an easy recipe for dog food? I usually don’t cook, so I need the step by step instructions for dummies.

Jimmy answers:

Well, we’ve been raising GSDs so they’re about the same size. What we fed our dogs was oat meal, with some veggies (carrots are really good) sometimes we would throw in some chicken (while the oat meal is still cooking, just throw them in, or even if you have left overs, those work great too).
Then once it’s all done, put in some vitamins, like calcium and vitamin E.

Best dog food ever, none of our dogs have never been sick, ate it all their life, and our oldest GSD lived to be 16.

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