Discussing Questions And Answers About Homemade Dog Food For Small Dogs

Lisa asks…

What could I write for this? PLEASE HELP!?

I’m doing a sheet in science that I have to fill out before I do an experiment. My experiment is to see what type of dog food my two small dogs like best: Cheap canned food, expensive canned food, dry kibble, and homemade. The question I’m not sure how to fill out is: Other researchers in the past such as ________ have investigated __________. They have found that __________________________________________________________________. What can I put in the blank spots? I tried googling stuff, but I can’t find any other people who have tested this.

Jimmy answers:

These people claim that dogs initially like stinky food, and don’t seem to care about salt.

Donald asks…

Ideas for food for camping?

I am going camping this weekend, and I need some food ideas. I got the idea for hot dogs, s’mores, and homemade omelets. I need some more ideas for food and snacks for camping. I will be cooking everything over a small grill over the fire they have at the camping sites. Easy food and snacks please. And any drink ideas? (Alcohol can be included.) Please and Thanks.

Jimmy answers:

Wassel is a great drink to take camping. For food, since it’s at a campsite, omelet in a bag is an awesome camping food. 2 eggs and whatever else you typically like in your omelet in a ziploc bag. Shake it and put it in a pot of boiling water for about ten minutes and you’ve got the best breakfast ever. I even do that one at home when i make breakfast for everyone. It’s a hit. Also beef jerky is a great snack. Make a soup you’ve never made before and do that as a fun activity while camping. Take some chocolate bars, good for energy. Trail mix is a good snack. Hot Chocolate and hot apple cider. Hot cider you can spike a bit. Biscuit on a stick is one of my favorites. Get a stick about as thick as a magic marker, sharpen it and shave the bark at the tip, squeeze the biscuit on there, but not all the way through like a marshmallow. Cook it next to the flame rotating it every so often till it’s golden brown and the stick pulls out clean. Then get some squeeze jelly and squeeze it in the hole and that is an awesome breakfast or even dinner snack. Have fun!

Ken asks…

buying and caring for a pet hedgehog!!!!!!!?

My sister and i really want a pet hedgehog! im 16 and she is 14. we have cared for small critters in the past. i just have a few questions. my mom doesn’t know i want to get one yet. and i have to travel durring the summer to my dads in missouri (i moved to west virginia a few weeks ago). i also dont have much money so i will have to stay on the cheap side when it comes to care. i know it sounds like i shouldnt even bother but i really want one. i also live with 4 dogs and 5 cats. another reason not to have one. but if anyone has any advise on the following:

homemade foods?
traveling by car 13 hours?
keeping it in one room for protection?
taking it outside?
where can i find one near me?

Jimmy answers:

this might answer some of your questions

the cost is 20-185 or so

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