Discussing Questions And Answers About Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Laura asks…

Do you feed your dog supplements?

Why or why not?

I’m looking into supplements before I purchase my puppy, and was wondering how many of you actually feed supplements. Please tell me why you feed them or why you don’t. I would like a detailed answer =)

Oh, and what type of food do you feed? Homemade or brand food? If homemade, what recipes do you use? If brand, what brand do you buy?

As I stated, I don’t have my dog yet. So they’re not on a brand of food. When a puppy is 9 weeks old, switching food over slowly doesn’t affect them compared to a 6 month old dog who’s had the same food all his life.

Jimmy answers:

I feed my boxers Bravo raw diet along with Dr. Harvey dry mix. I also add powder supplements, Animal essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotics powder which aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients.

I notice they have more energy and are all around healthier on a raw diet. The price is higher but the years they will gain are worth it.

Actually switching food over can affect a dog at any age, regardless of how long they have been on one type of food, it should always be done over a period of 5-7 days using both new and old foods, especially with a breed prone to sensitive digestion.

Lizzie asks…

What’s your pet rats homemade diet contain?

Here’s my recipe:
main ingredient is oats but I also put in uncooked whole wheat pasta, low fat dry dog food, dried cranberries and bananas (in moderation), unsalted sunflower seeds, peanuts in the shell, total cereal and some standard lab blocks.

any suggestions to add to that?

Jimmy answers:

Cheerios are always a winner with my boys! In moderation, of course because of the sugar content.

I’d google Suebee’s rat diet for more suggestions.

Linda asks…

help, i dont know what to do!?

So ive been looking into starting my 8 month old chihuahua on homemade food. He never seems to truely love any of the dog food i try and i try the best of the best and i just hate giving him a bowl of kibble everyday. So i looked into homemade food and it just seems so complex with all the supplementing and i guess im just nervous i would deprive him accidently of something or give too much of something else. every recipe and rules contradict eachother and its so confusing. I would love to make him yummy food that he looks forward to everyday. He is currently on royal canin. Any advice would help tons.
I would Never feed my dog cat food
especially from the dollar store LOL!

Jimmy answers:

Taking on the responsibility of designing a balanced diet for your dog is no small task, but it does at least seem you have a good idea of the importance of taking seriously your dog’s nutritional needs, so bravo. Veterinary nutrition is something that some vets specialize in after many years of education, so I would not try to take on this task without guidance. There is a website- www.avcn.org. That is the american college of veterinary nutritionists. For a fee they will design a complete, balanced diet for your dog that you can easily prepare at home. And since this diet will be specifically formulated for your individual dog and his/her needs they can accomodate for any illnesses, food allergies, or special instructions as well.

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