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Charles asks…

Pet Food Recall- Dry Food?

Today I heard on the Radio that PETA is trying to pass a Bill that would extend the Wet food Recall to include DRY food Eukanuba. My Question is THIS: How can I prove that Eukanuba has made my dog sick and get someone to pay for the $3K I have spent in vet bills over the last 3 months?? What is the process? Do you need the food tested? Do you just need a Bill… does anyone know of a Website with Information that would help guide me in what to do next??


I have a 7lb Miniature Doberman. I switched his food over to Eukanuba Maintenance *DRY FOOD* about 3 months ago. Ever since then he has 6 bouts with Bloody stools, vomiting, and lack of appetite. Each time I take him to the Emergency Animal Hospital and they give him an IV and send him home after two days or so with a anti-diarrhea medicine and Flygol which is a Antibiotic. Blood work has been done twice and all test come back Normal- so the Vet passes it off as a “sensitive intentional tract” and since then I have switched his food over to EN (something from Vet).
The Question was asked “if it started with the new food why would you have not changed in the first place ”

Answer: I listed to the Vet Everything/Anything that might have cause his sickness and THREE Vets have told me “No its not his food.” So why change it when a VET tells you that?! Don’t you think I would have changed it if they told me it MAY have been his food?!

Also- PETA is trying to pass a Law TODAY in DC saying that Dry food should be included in the Recall list & many people say that their dogs have been sick after eating this type of food!

Jimmy answers:

I work for Eukanuba. I am very sorry your dog is ill! Please give us a call because even though you are feeding a product that is not part of the recall, we take EVERY complaint very seriously (800-882-1591). Also, keep working with your veterinarian on this.

I don’t want to diminish your situation, but I feel I must clear up some misunderstandings I’ve noticed in some of the posted answers to your question:

Our part of the Menu Foods recall is a portion of our canned and pouch wet foods that were manufactured between December 5, 2006 and March 14, 2007.

All of our wet pet foods produced before these dates are NOT involved in the recall.

ALL of our DRY foods, biscuits, Eukanuba Veterinary Diets, 10-ounce Eukanuba can dog, Iams can entrees and Savory Sauce are NOT ON THE RECALL.

How do we know that our dry foods can be fed with confidence? We have an extensive—and I mean EXTENSIVE–consumer data base where our reps record consumer questions and product concerns along with any pertinent product manufactory codes or code dates. This helps us to identify quality and safety issues involving our products.

Our dry foods are made at our own plants in Ohio, Nebraska, and North Carolina we have quality assurance procedures in place that report daily to our Quality and Manufacturing teams.

As we hear from our consumers, we continue to document and investigate each call and email, even if the products are not on the recall list.

I also want to point out that we are a reputable company and we will do the right thing for our consumers affected by the recall. We are working with pet owners individually on a case by case basis to handle their individual needs appropriately.

Anytime there’s a problem with our food, we want to hear about it. Especially now. Please call us.

Mandy asks…

I have a 12 week old great dane, and is not “motivated” by food?

When we put food out for her, she could care less, she’d rather go chew on her toys. Is there anything we can do to change this, and train her to eat when we provide food? We put her in a crate when we are at work, and if she doesn’t eat when we put it out for her, she goes all day without food. I would think this would “make” her want to eat next time around, but she still doesn’t care! I’ve changed foods, for allergy purposes and to see if she just didn’t like the food, but she acts this way no matter! Will she eventually catch on, and eat when we put her food out, or is there anything else we can do? Will it hinder her growth if she skips a few meals?
She’s “on track” growth wise, proper weight/height, but don’t want it to cause any long term effects.

Jimmy answers:

Try one of those gravy toppings you can get at the pet store… Like Vita Gravy or Iams Savory Sauce. My little dog will go through spells of not really wanting food. She doesn’t act hungry and all she wants to do is something else. I’m usually able to entice her to eat with the gravy dressing.

Maria asks…

My dog is being picky to eat..please help!?

I feed my dog Canidae All Life Stages and it’s a great kibble. He was always a picky eater and has been on Canidae for about 1 year now.
But now, it seems that he’s gotten more picky. He will eat once a day, half of his food. I put it out there and give him enough time to eat. He’s been on schedule and nothing is irregular because he was just at the vet for his yearly exams last week. I occasionally feed him a canned dinner mixed with some kibble to vary a bit. Is there anything I could do to help him eat better or any other food that’s good and about the same price as Canidae?

Jimmy answers:

Hi –
Dogs will not be picky if you limit the amount of time they have to eat.

Feed your dog only twice a day (breakfast and dinner), but leave the bowl down only 20 minutes each time. If they don’t eat anything, or just pick at it, within that 20 minutes, pick the bowl up and discard the remainder, and do not feed again until dinner (and then, feed only the normal dinner amount — don’t make up for the amount of breakfast that your dog didn’t eat).

Don’t feel sorry about your dog being hungry if he doesn’t eat much of his breakfast or his dinner once you start this. He won’t starve. He’ll eventually eat what you leave for him. You just need to be strong about it: Put it down, wait 20 minutes, pick it up, and don’t feed again until the next scheduled meal. Repeat as necessary.

Personally, I feed my dogs 50/50 Iams/Eukanuba kibble. Like you, I believe in some variety, so for dinner, they get a little Iams Savory Sauce gravy mixed in. And on Sunday, they get Iams canned food for dinner. Monday morning, they just get the same dry kibble they always get for breakfast, and they chow it down.

If you’re already sticking to a feeding schedule, don’t worry about your dog not eating if it’s extra hot/humid. Sometimes dogs will just self-regulate and not eat as much.

But if you aren’t already sticking to a feeding schedule (i.e. Picking the food bowl up after 20-30 minutes), then that is what you need to keep doing. If, after 3-4 days, your dog still refuses to eat, then perhaps another visit to the vet is in order. (But I doubt that will be necessary. :-) )

As for Canidae, I’ve read a lot about what real pet nutritionists think about dog foods, and from what I’ve read, there’s no difference between Canidae and Iams or Eukanuba. You could save a lot of money by feeding him Eukanuba or even Iams. But that’s up to you. :-)

Best wishes and good luck!

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