Discussing Questions And Answers About Iams Dog Food Sauce

Mary asks…

What puppy chow do you recommend?

I just got a new chihuahua pup, long hair, 3 months, and the last owners didn’t give me information of him, what he eats, or anything besides his shots records. What puppy chow do you recommend? He doesn’t like chewing much, and soft, please.

Jimmy answers:

Do NOT feed your dog any brand you can buy in a grocery store or a place like Target or Walmart, it is a very low-quality food. These are brands like Pedigree, Iams, Cesar, anything made by Purina (beneful, kibbles n’bits, ONE, pro plan, alpo, dog chow/ puppy chow etc) or store brands just to name a few. Even Science Diet and Eukanuba are not good. Foods like these are full of corn, soy, by-products, and fillers. Dogs cannot digest these well and they are main causes of food allergies. Dogs cannot get the nutrition they need to sustain a long and healthy life from these foods and it has been shown that on average feeding foods like these can actually shorten your dogs life and cause more health problems.

Also, he needs to be fed puppy food until he is 1 year old, then switch to adult formula. If your puppy has a hard time chewing, mix dry food with a little canned food or add a little water to the dry food to make it softer (but don’t soak it too much, it should not be mushy because he needs to learn to chew it but just soft enough that it is easier to chew). I had to do this with my dog when he was a puppy because he did not have all his baby teeth and therefore couldn’t chew well until he was about 4 months old. I do not recommend a completely wet/canned food diet because it is not good for their teeth and is a lot more expensive. Dry food has a texture that will help clean their teeth as they chew. It is okay to continue feeding dry mixed with a bit of wet (my dog gets dry in the morning, then dry mixed with 1 tbsp. Canned in the evening) as long as the majority of his diet is the dry food. As your dog gets older, he will be able to chew better.

High quality foods may seem more expensive but because they have better ingredients, you won’t have to feed your dog as much to get the proper nutrition so it actually equals out or it may even be cheaper. I feed my dog Wellness Super5Mix Small Breed and he eats about 2/3 cup a day (1/3 in the morning, 1/3 in the evening. He’s 12 lbs). Compare that to the recommended 1 1/4 cups he would need to eat of Beneful or 1 3/4 cups of Pedigree Small Breed! That’s a big difference. For canned food I use different brands including Natural UltraMix or Dogswell. I like that these two brands actually look like something we would eat, real chunks of food in gravy and not mush like other brands, but that is my personal preference and doesn’t mean they have more nutrition than other high quality brands. My dog was fed Wellness Super5Mix Just For Puppy dry food when he was a puppy. He also loves the Old Mother Hubbard biscuits for treats. As occasional treats you can also give them carrots, eggs (I recommend cooked to avoid things like salmonella), apple slices (no core/seeds), and cooked or boiled chicken or meats (without sauces or seasonings). Don’t feed too many treats though, they should only make up 10% or less of your dog’s diet.

There is also the option of feeding a “RAW” or “B.A.R.F.” diet. They are healthy IF you know what your doing. It will require a lot of good research if you choose these (sorry, I don’t know much about them other than they shouldn’t contain anything artificial or fillers because usually you make them yourself) .

Here is a websites I find especially helpful in choosing a high quality food. The foods are rated based on the quality of their ingredients (6 is the highest, 1 is the lowest. Choose something that is rated at least a 4):


At TurboDog: I have calculated the cost to feed my dog. A 12 lb bag of Wellness Small Breed is $29.99 and lasts me just 3.5 to 4 months. One 13 oz. Can of food costs $1.99 last two weeks. That equals only about 40 cents a day to feed him. If you include treats, a 20 oz bag at $7.99 lasts 3.5 months, so add another .08 cent to the daily total.
And another thing, I work at a pet specialty store and cannot tell you how many people we get complaining of food allergies. At least 5 everyday. What do they have in common? 99% of them feed Iams, Purina, Pedigree, or a cheap store brand. We get them to switch to a better food and a few weeks later, they are back thanking us for the difference it has made.

Sandra asks…

Question about my dogs eating habits?

Why do dogs eat their own poop & other animals poop? I know it has nothing to do with them being hungry, because trust me I feed them the adequate amounts for both of their body weights. I also take into consideration that some dogs have a hungrier appetite than others. Does anyone know why dogs do this?

Jimmy answers:

This is a completely normal action, and one that also easily thwarted.

Dogs eat the feces for the simple reason that their digestive systems are not nearly as “thorough” as ours. When they digest their food, a good deal of the proteins and fats pass right through their system and out the other end. As humans know, fat=flavor.

Also keep in mind that their palates aren’t exactly as keen as ours either. Where their sense of smell beats ours, their sense of taste leaves a bit to be desired.

To an extent, a piece of scat is little more than a pre-chewed food bar for a dog. All the hard work’s already been done for them. The feline digestive system is even more likely to pass through a good amount of the undigested food.

There are a series of things you can do to prevent this:

The first step is to look at the dog food you’re feeding them. You generally get what you pay for here. If it’s cheap food, less of it will be digested making what comes out on the other end more tantalizing. Having inspected one of their factories, I was always a huge proponent of, and recommend Iams brand foods. Their foods are made with top quality ingredients instead of the spray-on vitamins over corn meal of most other dog foods. This allows the dog to digest more of the food, and in fact they can eat less while getting more nutrition. Not only will they defecate less, but what comes out at the end of the process won’t be so tempting.

Secondly, you can try adding some powdered meat tenderizer to his food. Only a spoonful or so at a time. Just as it breaks down the proteins in the meat, it will break down the foods that he eats as they go through the digestive system. The end result is scat that is much more bitter, and far less palatable to the dog. On rare occasion, you’ll even find a dog that will work past this, which brings us to the last resort:

Absolute… Asinine… Insane hot sauce. I’m not talking about the “Extra Hot Red Hot Tabasco” you can get at the store. I’m talking about the stuff that has so much capsaicin that it’s outlawed in 43 states. The stuff that you give as a gift to people you don’t like. The hotter it is, the less of a scent it will have. (If it’s too weak, some dogs actually appreciate the added flavor, and others will be able to smell “treated” piles.) Put about 2-3 DRIPS of this on the scat as soon as it hits the ground, then leave it alone. Let him find it. Much hilarity will ensue. Rest assured that while this will definitely irritate the mouth, it will not do any permanent damage to the dog. No matter how uncomfortable he makes you aware that he is. Generally, only two or three hits on treated feces in enough to make any dog decide it’s not such a good idea anymore. With my mother’s dog, who thought that rabbit turds were her own private milk-dud stash, it only took a single treatment. (Ever seen a Shih Tzu that was suddenly convinced that her tongue definitely did not belong in her mouth?)

Unfortunately, the latter method is often the only thing that will work when your problem is them eating the feces of other animals that you don’t control the diet of. (ie: Animals pooping in your front yard.) Again, leave the feces there, treat it, and enjoy the show.

I know I sound like I take a bit too much pleasure from the animal’s pain here, but once you watch the reaction, if you even have that slightly dark side of you that finds people getting hit in the lower regions funny, you won’t be able to help yourself.

And don’t be worried about the term “coprophagy.” It’s not a disease. It’s just a nicer term for “eatin’ poop.”

It’s definitely a behavior you will want to squelch though, as it’s an excellent way to pick up intestinal parasites from other animals.

Good luck!

Mark asks…

Weird eating habits for a dog?

My dog (toy poodle mix) has weird eating habits. She will pretend to be interested in the dog food while I prep it but will only sniff it and walk away when I put it down. She is eating purina one beyond which is sometimes mixed with beneful. She will sometimes go back to her food but other times she walks away and won’t eat at all that day (she gets fed 2 times a day ) she is walked frequently since I live in an apartment. Some days she will just down right refuse to eat and other days acts like I don’t feed her enough. I have tried adding things to the food to make it smell and taste better (iams savory sauce) but that didn’t work either. I usually leave her food down for 30 minutes then I don’t feed her anything until dinner time but that sometimes won’t work. She also snubs certain treats too. She doesn’t like her wet food mixed with kibble and will sometimes refuse wet food. I put the cats food on the counter so she can’t eat that. Is this normal for a dog and if not what should I do? I never had a dog who was difficult to feed. She now gets fed plain kibble with nothing added and same with her wet food.
Usually I don’t mix the 2 brands I just one day thought about it and for some reason it worked for a little bit. Btw her feeding times are 5:30AM and 5:30pm

Jimmy answers:

I do not have scheduled feeding times for my dog. Just like yours, he doesn’t gobble down every piece of food that I put in front of him. I leave his food available to him at all times so he can eat when he feels like it. He only eats a tiny bit during the day but, when I wake up, I notice that food is gone so, he’s getting hungry in the middle of the night. Some dogs will eat until they are full, throw up and eat some more so they have to be on a schedule or they will overeat and be sick. Our dogs don’t do that. I suggest you leave your dogs bowl of food out next to her water, If the bag says one cup per day, just put in one cup and let your dog eat when he is hungry. You wont be over feeding him if you put the suggested amount in the bowl and your dog will have food when he feels like eating. I have fed my dog like this for 15 years and it’s never been a problem. In fact, some times he doesn’t even eat all of it. Some dogs just eat what their body tells them that they need.

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