Discussing Questions And Answers About Iams Dog Food Sauce

Ruth asks…

What’s wrong with Hills Science Plan?

My puppy training teacher said yesterday that they are really not good for you puppy, but why? If a vet sells them then surely they’re good?

Is Royal Canin just as bad?

Jimmy answers:

Science Diet along with Iams use cheep fillers in the food that they make. Look at the label and you will see these 3 things

1. By products or by product meal
2. Corn
3. Wheat

For one by products mean all the left over crap that people can not eat, Becks, tails, heads, feet.

Corn is not digestible by humans or animals and just a cheap filler to make more dog food

wheat also just a cheap filler and allot of dogs van not handle corn and wheat.

Vets Sell food because they really have no clue about proper nutrition and how food is made. Back in the day Science diet and Iams where the best now that so much more has been learned about pet nutrition they are very low on the quality levels

Canidea, Pinnacle, Wellness, In nova, Merrick, Natural Balance, These are just a few of the great dog foods out there. Check labels and look for the things above also do not by dog food that has Soy in it either.

Good luck

Added: TO BOBDOGGIE above! I have take classes on pet nutrition in order to get my kennels lic. And belive me there is plenty of proff out there that support everything above.

Added: What is wrong with corn. Well to begain with it is not digestable by humans or dogs. When it is one of the firt ingredients in the food that means alot of what your dog is eating is changed into waste. Take a bag of a high quality food and for one or two month feed the better food to your dog, then in two months tell me you do not see a difference in the performance, look of the coat and the amount of pooper scooping you have to do in the yard will be way lower! Do not believe me take the challange and see for yourself.

Would you feed you children Buger King everyday that is what it is like when you feed scince diet or Iams or anything that comes from the grocery store. Notice Iams is now in grocery stores and science diet is not far behind

Added: Royal Caine Is actually a preety good dog food. It also dose not have corn or cheap fillers in it.

If you really want great nutrition for your dogs you can also cook for them yourself. This is what I do.

They have Canidea dry all the time.

I cook a large pot and freeze in individual bags that I take out of freezer before work and they are thawed by time I get home. Here is what I cook

Cut into small peices and put in pot with low salt chicken brooth.

Chicken livers, chicken hearts, Chicken gizards, Beef tripe and Brown Rice.
Put all of this in a large pot and boil to cook all the meat. All this meat only cost me about $8.00 at the grocery store and sometime if you talk to your butcher they will save some of it for you!!

After meat and rice is cooked add, Green beans, cut up carrots, Pealed cut up potatos and add to pot. Let it simmer for a bit then I add Solid Gold Mineral supplements

After all cooked mix flour and water to add and make the sauce a little thicker. Let cook and put in bags in the freezer!

If you make this once a week you have food! High quality good for your dog food!

My vet said he want to come back to life after he dies to be my dog!! Lol

Ken asks…

Healthy and unhealthy food for dogs (Human)?

Hi! Ok so let me start off by saying that I love my dog with all my heart and only want the best for her. I’ve had my dog, Mocha, for around 5 years now. Mocha is a Weimaraner. So what I would like to know is what type of human food is good for dogs. First of all, I know that you shouldn’t feed human food to dogs. I feed my dog 2 cups of iams dog food a day. I was just wondering if there are any good human food for them. I know foods like carrots and green beans are good. I read somewhere that somebody gave their dog a salad (without sauce) once a day. Is this good for dogs? Please tell me all human food that are good for dogs. I wouldn’t feed it to her at the dinner table, because that would cause bad habits. I would just put it in her bowl. What fruits are good for dogs? What vegetables are good for dogs? What type of meat is good for dogs? What type of dairy products are good for dogs? All in all, just what types of human food are good for dogs. Also, I want to know if salads without sauce that had lettuce, carrots, green beans, etc. Also, what type of human food is bad for dogs? I know that choclate, grapes, onions, and gum is bad for them, but what else? Thanks in advanced for anybody who helps! Me and Mocha appreciate it! :)

Jimmy answers:

Unlike Reality Bites, both my vet and I agree that meat based diets are best. In fact we both recommend raw (aka BARF diets) whenever possible. Unlike the prior poster, there is much to be said for adding dark green leafy veggies (especially) to your dog’s diet. In reality, if dogs were killing & eating animals (for prey) they would be getting many greens/grasses that were found in their stomachs. The greens add cancer-fighting properties and antioxidants (many of which are cooked out of most dog foods) and they add fiber, something many dogs don’t get enough of – and can cause them to have anal gland problems. Many of the diets for dogs stricken with cancer, contain greens.

I would suggest adding either fresh & pureed, or formerly frozen: spinach, collards, kale or mustard greens. Dogs can’t digest cellulose unless it has been frozen, lightly steamed , pureed or fermented. My dogs get carrots as treats. You can chose to add a variety of veggies (not just leafy greens) if you want (squash, tomato, bok choy, peas, butter beans, green beans, etc.). The dark green leafy veggies first mentioned, do have higher concentrations of nutrients & antioxidants than many other veggies or lettuce. Usually, my vet recommends as much veggies added to the bowl – as kibble, if you are going to stay with a regular dog food. I do think moving to a non-grain dog food (usually they are potato based) is better for your dog & you want meat as the first ingredient or several ingredients.

I do not add any fruit. Dogs can eat things like apple, banana, or melon but it is not a normal part of a carnivore’s diet & dogs really don’t need the sugar. Dairy is not appropriate in most cases. Dogs develop a lactose intolerance, as they mature. Some dogs do okay with a no-fat PLAIN (unflavored)yogurt added for probiotics, but some dog’s can’t eat that and may need a pill version. (I suggest an organic product such as Stonyfield.) In my case, we do add raw meat; plus cooked, canned fish such as mackerel or salmon for the omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. With raw meat, you must add some type of calcium, if you feed much. Canned fish does contain some soft bone. I prefer grass-fed beef to caged, grain-fed poultry.

Mandy asks…

I have couple questions about my dog. Answers?

1. Why do they make those snorting sounds?
2. Where to get treated for hydrocephalus?
3. Does he need to get neutered?
4. What else should I take him to the vet for?
5. Dog won’t eat. Suggest any brand name foods that dogs like?
6. Average lifespan of a chihuahua?

Jimmy answers:

1. Nasal passages, or something related to the short snout
2. The vet, they do a special procedure to try and take some fluid from the head [not a cure tho]
3. Yes, to lessen the chance of being aggressive, territorial, unwanted babies etc.
4. Shots, daily check ups for parasites, worms, dental and nail clippings
5. Um, try mixing this dog sauce [not kidding, I think it is from Iams] It might make the food tastier
6. 11-20 yrs [not always 20 but close!]

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