Discussing Questions And Answers About Iams Dog Food Sauce

Donna asks…

i feed my dogs???

Well okay all three of my dogs are really picky, and they only eat one type of food. i am just wondering if the foods im feeding them have been recalled, k first dog i feed science diet,the 2nd one i fee nutra max and the very pickiest one i feed her eukanuba with the iams greavy sauce on top with nutra max wet canned food. please dont say i feed my dogs crap food cause they wont eat anything else

Jimmy answers:

Here is a site that you can look over and decide for yourself what you want to feed them.

William asks…

was the iams (spelling?) dry/wet food recalled? was it contaminated?

ive been feeding my two cats the wet food pouches (chicken flavour if that makes any difference….) and now im afarid that theyre going to get sick… also what are the symptoms of kidney failure in cats?

Jimmy answers:


1. Select Bites 3 oz Pouches

· Adult with Beef in Gravy

· Adult with Chicken and Wild Rice in Gravy

· Adult with Chicken in Gravy

· Adult with Turkey in Gravy

· Adult with Salmon in Sauce

· Adult with Tuna in Sauce

· Kitten with Chicken in Gravy

· Weight Control with Tuna in Sauce

· Active Maturity with Chicken in Gravy

· Variety Pack with Beef, Chicken & Turkey

· Variety Pack with Salmon and Tuna

· Variety Pack with Chicken and Turkey

2. Cat Slices and Flakes in Cans

· Slices with Turkey in Gravy 3/6 oz

· Slices with Beef in Gravy 3/6 oz

· Slices with Chicken in Gravy 3/6 oz

· Kitten Slices with Turkey in Gravy 3 oz

· Flakes with Tuna & Ocean White Fish in Sauce 3/6 oz

· Flakes with Salmon in Sauce 3/6 oz

· Variety Pack Slices with Chicken and Beef in Gravy 3 oz

· Variety Pack Flakes with Tuna & Ocean White Fish and Salmon in Sauce 3 oz

dogs and/or cats may have signs of vomiting, fatigue, and increased water consumption and urination. They commonly notice these signs within 24 hours of eating the affected food.

Joseph asks…

they are killing the dog and wont listen to anything we have to say!?

my dad and his girlfriend have a beautiful 2yr old female bull mastiff.
she is a friendly wonderful dog, went to taining classes and now only listens to me and my sister.

this is because we still trat her like a dog.

my dad and his gf are killing the dog through her diet.
in my opinion what they are doing is animal abuse.
i wouldnt eat the rubbish they do, so why would they think its ok for a dog?

me and my sister have tried talking to them, reasoning, informing, screaming and guilting them to change, (we even take the rubbish food out of her bowl and binn it) but they wont listen to a word we have to say.

their reasoning for feeding her the way they do is because “she likes it” or “she didnt eat dinner so it wont hurt”
dogs like eating cat s**t too and she isnt stupid, she doesnt eat dinner because she knows what is coming.

this is not my dog, i never wanted a dog, but i cant sit back and watch them kill an innocent animal!
i have no idea how to tackle this one because i have tried all i can think of.

this is a run down of what she is fed on top of the normal dog food and treats.

spaghetti bolognese
microwave roast dinners with greavy
chinese take away
all kinds of processed meats including pork (which is very bad for dogs)
mashed potato
pasta and sauces
white bread

if you think thats bad it gets worse

chocolate (poisonous to dogs)
cheese cake (apparently lemon is her fav)
ice cream
double cream
banoffee pie
apple pie

it makes me sick to think about it.

they are sending her to an early grave and when she dies they will have no right to be said because how can you love something an abuse its body in this way?

i just cant think what to do, i have tried talking, what else is there?

the biggest joke is my dad is the owner of a pet shop and on a daily basis advises people what to feed their dogs and why a balanced diet is so important!
just the facts: jealous of what a dog being fed food i wouldnt eat.

a dog cant handle all this sugar and fat in their diets and it will shorted her life as her body wont be able to cope with it.
dogs need a high protine diet and she is not getting the nutricion she needs to keep her healthy!

at the end of the day the ammount of rubish she is given will kill her.
she will develop a weight problem could get a heart problem, diabetes the list goes on.

it may not be killing in the sense of beating the animal to death, not feeding it at all etc, but it will be ending her life sooner.
i am suprised with the ammount of people that see this as an ok way to treat animals.
i believe that if you want to spoil your dogs and make them dinner, you should make them stuff that is in keeping with their diet, that isnt full of junk their bodys cant handle (that our bodys cant even handle)

you wouldnt feed a rabbit a diet of meat because you know their body cant digest it.
why feed a dog sweets while knowing their body cant handle it?
oh and also she is quite often sick!
pretty sure thats due to s**tty food not agreeing with her!

Jimmy answers:

Your dad needs to heed his own advice! I am all for premium quality pet foods but even the garbage brands, purina, pedigree, iams, ect…would be better than what this poor dog is being fed. You are right, they are indeed killing that poor dog. Unfortunately they do not want to listen to you. So the poor dog will suffer their ignorance.

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