Discussing Questions And Answers About Iams Dog Food Sauce

Sandra asks…

why is my dog’s stomach purple? (i dont think its internal bleeding)?

i checked the gum test to see if it was internal bleeding, like the other answers on this site and other site have said
but her gum turned pink after i pressed on it.
i think it might be food poisoning because my family has been feeding her rice with soysauce, eggs, and tomatos
this is so because ever since i got her (2 weeks ago) she would not eat regular dog food until one day she went to my brother’s bowl and tried to eat some,
so we just continued to feed her the same thing because she would not eat the kibble her old family used to feed her.
she does not seem to like walking lately too.
and when i sat next to her
i heard her stomach making weird noises
like the noises one’s stomach would make that sounds like juices are squirting in it.
she does not really seem in pain though
i am not sure.
so is this food poisoning?
and if so, or any other problem, how can i treat her?
or should i just wait till call the vet tmrrw?
thanks :)

Jimmy answers:

That meal would make my tummy gurgle too. You shouldn’t be giving your dog soy sauce. A lot of dogs are allergic to anything soy. While some dogs refuse to eat a food because they’re picky, many other dogs begin to refuse a certain food because every time they do it causes them pain or discomfort. You didn’t mention what brand of food the previous owners fed her or how old she is, but it doesn’t sound like she likes it. You should keep in mind though that any time you change an animals food, it should be done gradually so that their system has a chance to adjust, hopefully avoiding bloat, gas, and/or diarrhea.

It’s usually only a matter of time that most dogs will start to show signs of not feeling well if they’ve been fed a steady diet of crappy grocery store or WalMart brand foods that are loaded with corn, wheat, soy, byproducts, artificial colors and preservatives. It’s just not good for them.

Grain free foods are best for dogs and cats. The first 2, preferably first 4 ingredients should be “named” meat. Absolutely NO corn, wheat or soy or byproducts, etc. If you really knew the disgusting things that are put into the commercial pet foods, you would never consider feeding them to your dog. Some of the more premium foods are listed below.

Blue Buffalo’s Blue Wilderness
Orijen (contains 70% meat)
Wellness CORE
Merrick Before Grain
Petcurean GO! & NOW! (80% total meat)
Innova EVO
Earthborn Holistic
Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul
Fromms Surf & Turf
Natures Variety Instinct (don’t like the Brewers Yeast)

More grain free foods:


Seriously, the honest answer for those of us that really want what’s best for our pets is that we can’t afford to NOT feed the better foods that the dog can actually digest and utilize. What good is it to go cheap when we wind up paying more either for vet bills or our dog develops allergies, their kidneys fail, they come down with cancer, they’re just sick all the time and not enjoying life, or they die prematurely? Those are the REAL risks with cheap dog food.

Iams, Pedigree, Science Diet, Eukanuba, Purina, Beneful are all CRAP and will make your dog sick!!!

Go to this site and compare foods and see WHY they’re rated the way they are. You can look up almost any brand. Be sure to compare ingredients in the 4, 5, and 6 star rated foods to what this dog has been eating and you’ll see a major difference. Livestock feed stores are some of the better places to get the premium foods and they cost less than Petco/Petsmart who only carry a couple of the brands.


Here are some articles and a video that might help you in making the right decision about what to feed your dog. If you make the switch to a premium dog food, your dog will reward you with lots of love and fun play time. She’ll have a much healthier coat, shed less, more energy, she’ll eat less, have fewer poops, and she’ll feel so much better.





Maria asks…

iams sauce on puppy food?

i have a 4 month old shih tzu
she doesnt seem to like the iams food
so i decided to buy the the iams savory sauces for puppies
i called a vet and they said they wouldnt recommend it because it might cause diarehha, i called another vet they said iams is good
so would she get diarehha if she eats the food with the sauce???
wat do u guys think?
do u think its good or not?

Jimmy answers:


Even before I worked for The Iams Company, I had used the Savory Sauce for my dogs. The puppy formulas are made with beef or chicken broth, peas, carrots and even flax seed.

What I would recommend is, if you are going to feed the sauce, just be careful how much you give her! No matter what she tells you with her sad puupy eyes- we only recommend about 1TBSP per 1/2 cup dry food.

Good luck!

Steven asks…

the only time my dog eats her food is when i put noodle juice on top of it is that ok for her cuz it seem like

wut is another hard food that i can give my pitbull dog she is 3yrs old and she can’t eat table food so wut other hard food can she eat it seem lyke she dont lyke dry hard food she only like hard food with gravy or sum shyt on top of it to give it some flava so do u have any idea thanxs D-roc

Jimmy answers:

Have you tried mixing canned food with the dry food? Or try Gravy Train dry food where you add warm water and it makes a gravy. Or, Iams has sauces that you pour a little bit on the dry food.
The water that you’ve cooked noodles in is okay as long as there isn’t a ton of salt in it. Good luck with your pup and give her lots of lovin.

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