Discussing Questions And Answers About Lymphoma Dog Foods

Ken asks…

Has anyone lost a pet from lymphoma that was feeding their dog Bil Jac?

We just put our 10 year old shitzu to sleep yesterday that was diagnosised with lymphoma 2 months ago. He had never been sick in the 10 years we had him. We switched him over to Bil Jac 1 years ago. I heard they have carcogenics in their food which will cause cancer.

Jimmy answers:

Sorry for your loss.

Has it been researched and proved that Bil Jac can cause cancer? You should look more into it. I haven’t heard this. I give my Shepherd Bil Jac treats once in awhile, but otherwise I really know nothing about the food.

Otherwise it is very likely that he got sick just because he is old. 10 years is a pretty good lifespan.

Laura asks…

my dog might have lymphoma…:[?

My dog is only 5 years old a loyal and wonderful golden retriever. It seems like the life has been sucked out of her, she still wags her tail and greets me and the rest of my family whenever its possible, she also continues to go crazy when the doorbell rings.
The swollen lymphnotes were found in her throat/chest and on her back legs. She doesn’t seem to be in much pain but she doesn’t like eating her dog food, yet she loves eating cheetos and drinking lots of water? I know its kind of weird, but shes my dog so…
My dad said we’ll definitley be putting her to sleep if she has it, but do you know how long we’d wait after we find out? How long does she have.
I cry every night, shes my dog. We get the final results on Monday but the vet said its not looking good.
So the question is, What else could it be? Do I have any hope?
Please pray for my dog…thank you
thanks for all the answers so far.
its been really quick, i appreciate it.
im so sorry if any of you have or are going through the same thing, my dog is my best friend she really is. i can tell her anything…i just wish it wont have to end like this.

Jimmy answers:

I am so sorry – lymphoma is indeed horrible.

The only advice I can give you is that there will be some time where she will be comfortable enough for you to enjoy, but someday she won’t be. You have to prepare yourself, and decide just when to let her go.

It’s usually easy to tell when they are no longer having a good quality of life, and then it will seem right to let her not be in pain anymore.

There’s a wonderful book I have gotten even for adults who have lost a dog they loved, or knew they would be losing them soon – called Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant. It has beautiful pictures and is a happy book about how lovely it is where dogs go… Perhaps you could read it together.

I am sorry this is happening, and I know you will do the right thing for her. Just remember that each good day is a good thing for a dog – they don’t worry about the future, and can teach us a lot about enjoying things right now. And that indeed is a gift.

Chris asks…

My English Springer Spaniel 9yr. just diagnosed w/lymphoma. Along w/chemo & predni. type of dog food to feed?

Jimmy answers:

I am very sorry to hear about your dog. Prednisone is an immunosuppresant (my Irish terrier is on it for Addison’s disease), so it is important to limit what and how many other dogs he meets. As far as the food to feed, anything that he’ll eat! Chemo can cause them to lose their appetite and once they lose it, it may not come back. Just keep feeding him is favorite, high-quality food (like EVO or Wellness) and supplement it with fruits and veggies for added vitamins (carrots and cantaloupe are a favorite with our dogs). You can also pick up a vitamin and immunity treat to help his immune system keep functioning. If he isn’t drinking much water, try feeding him wet food or giving him pedialyte and chicken broth to drink. Otherwise, just hang in there. He will have his days of not wanting to eat, but if you can reduce that number, the better off he’ll be.

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