Discussing Questions And Answers About Lymphoma Dog Foods

Mary asks…

my dog just died, having physical heart pain..is this normal?

My (almost) 13 yr old yellow lab who acted like a puppy her entire life, suddenly stopped eating her dog food last month, we tried giving her other things such as ground beef, chicken, steak which she would eat but not always (this was normally types of food that would be scarfed down without chewing) we also tried other types of dog foods which she would absolutely not touch. She was on Iams up until about seven years ago we changed her to Pedigree which she was perfectly healthy on for years…then two months ago we bought a bag of Pedigree that had a “new” formula. Within a few weeks we noticed she would not eat it. Over the last month she got sicker and sicker, she would eat here and there but just throw it up within a few hours, without fail. We took her to the vet, for the third time now (they first said she had a liver infection and gave us some antibiotics and a few shots to regain her strength), this seemed like it helped at first but within a couple days it was even worse than before, she could not hold food down, but was still drinking large amounts of water, within a couple more days she had stopped eating completely, not even steak or her favorite treats. she started to not only throw up after not even eating but she was now having an extremley large amount of blood in her stools, she was taken back to the vet for more testing and they said she had cancer, lymphoma, and that they would give her steroid shots and some pills but if she didnt perk up, she would likely pass and even if she did she would only have a possible 6mos left. The steroids did not work and she was so sick, going off into corners and staring, standing out in the pouring rain, just staring, not sitting or laying, just staring . My family got her when I was a Freshman in High School, I am now 28 and she has been by myside her entire life, especially the last 7 years, followed me everywhere, was my rock, my best friend, sooo smart and soo loyal and now shes gone…I am feeling so much pain, I am literally having physical pains in my heart – I dont know if this is normal. I see her everywhere in my house, but shes not really there, I keep turning the corner thinking shes going to come running but she doesnt, I am taking it extremely extremely hard and it’s getting difficult to maintain. I know there are so many people out there that have lost your loved animal but I feel like she just wouldnt even compare with another dog that I get…I feel guilty I didnt catch the sickness sooner and was able to help her, the pain is unbearable – the house feels so empty and of course she slept with me in my room so I dont even want to be in there. Anyone else feel an immense physical pain in their heart or chest after losing such a special pet? I do not mean figuritively, I mean literal pain. Thank you for any help you can give.

Jimmy answers:

Jen…I’ve said this before…and I will now say it to you…

You lost a very special part of your family — one who you grew up with. I hate to tell you this, but everyone who has truly loved a dog feels exactly the kind of physical pain you are describing. You are longing for that little sweetheart to still be right there by your side instead of running around in your heart and playing and frolicking through your memories. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. That is how they leave their mark, how they fill your heart and how they change your life for the better! That’s also why your heart is feeling tight and crushed right now. Life has changed…

I will tell you that the pain you are suffering is going to soften with the passing of time. It won’t stop hurting when you think about her…but it becomes tempered by all the wonderful days and nights, joys and laughter you shared with her — the wonderful life — almost 13 years — you gave her and she gave to you, which is a much bigger part of her story than the last few months of pain she was enduring. Believe it or not, your mind will help you to put that in a proper perspective as days and weeks and months begin to go by…you remember more happy than sad.

Please know that she is at peace in a far better place than this one, where she can be a puppy again, running and playing without pain or illness. And Somebody far greater is taking good care of her until the time comes…a long time from now…for you to fill that role again!

My prayers are with you…and know that although it is breaking now, your heart has an unlimited capacity for love and sharing, and for giving a wonderful home and a blessed life to another dog — one who will need you and who you will love for his or her own unique and special nature when you are ready to accept the gift of an open heart that your best friend gave to you!

Paul asks…

If you’ve had a dog die from lymphoma, please let me know what to expect.?

Our 7 yr old Golden Retriever is in Stage III lymphoma – rapidly approaching Stage IV. He prefers eating crushed ice over his food food and his activities have decreased (he’ll jump up on the couch, but can no longer jump up on the bed). He gets up slowly, but walks easily. Some days he seems a bit weak but still will become a little playful. He is a member of our family and we’re doing everything to make him as comfortable as possible. Without wanting him to suffer, but not wanting to give him up until it is best for him, what should signs should I see to know when it is time?

Jimmy answers:

Such a shame.
Our border collie had this but unfortunately she had a stroke, pretty much soon after.
Cherish the time

Sandy asks…

my dog won’t eat dog food, what can i feed him so that he is still nourished?

he is a 6 year old lab. and may have lymphoma (we are waiting for the biopsy results). so he is currently on antibiotics and pain medicine. he has become very picky. we have been able to get him to eat soup, crackers, cheese and lunch meat. but dog food he just spits out, even if its wrapped with the other food, if he can taste it .. he spits it out. even his favorite, peanut butter, has become a thing of the past. i just want to know the kinds of people food i can give him so that he is still getting the nutrition he needs.

Jimmy answers:

My pups and dogs eat the same thing from weaning to old age – a raw diet of meat, meaty bones and organs in about a 50:40:10 ratio. If you aim to feed a balance of these things from various sources your dog will get everything he needs to grow strong and healthy.
“Dogs are Carnivores” An article clearly explaining the physiological reasons behind this classification and the effects of feeding inappropriate foods


A feeding guide published by Dr Tom Lonsdale, a vet who advocates raw feeding and has been widely published


A website debunking some of the many myths regarding raw feeding and bones.

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