Discussing Questions And Answers About Lymphoma Dog Foods

George asks…

My dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma on Monday, should I be thinking about putting him to sleep?

Simba has a lump in his throat and one on each of his hine legs. He is going blind, he can’t swallow his food very well, and he drinks alot of water. Most of the water goes back into the bowl with his saliva. He still wags his tail, barks when he heas noises and gives us his paw and even tries to roll over so that we can rub his tummy. It is very hard for me to think it is his time to leave me. I want to do the right thing for him but I don’t want to lose him. He is 10 years old. Please help me find the strength to help Simba! The VET said he is not in pain but is suffering. I cry everyday over this.

Jimmy answers:

Sorry to hear about Simba. I know how you feel. We have had to put two of our Poodles down in the last three years. It is not an easy decision to make. I have a website all about Standard Poodles and there is a page about Euthanasia and knowing when it is time to think about it. Check it out, it might help.


Donna asks…

1yr old dog wont eat, vomits yellow fluid, what to do?

My 1 yr old dog is vomiting yellow fluid & will not eat. From what I read online it could be a number of things. The yellow fluid, i found out, is bile from the stomach. When a dog vomits yellow bile, it’s basicically written off as having bad gastral issues and an overactive stomach acid. Dogs usually vomit first thing in the morning or right after meals or after a long vigorous walk/exercise. So since he’s been vomiting, we’ve shortend his walk to just 1 block.. Now he doesnt seem to want to walk anywhere, or eat anything. He just sits curled in a ball, moving from couch, to floor, to couch every few hours..and only moving to the back door once he needs to urinate. Since he’s at such a young age of 1 yrs old, he’s usually getting himself into trouble by grabbing items off tables so we can chase him.. loves his walks & running & meeting ppl.. and he usually sits by you when you’re eating (hoping you’ll throw him a scrap or two).. But for the past 4 days he’s been moping around, not intrested in food, not intrested in walks, but at least he’s drinking water..

So here’s a basic day to day lately:
1. Friday morning he puked up yellow bile for the first time around 6 or 7am. he went on a walk and was eager to have his breakfast.. but he vomited that up. We went online and thought his symptoms matched up to gastric reflux and we were directed to give him 2 tablespoons of Pepto Dismal (he’s a 55lbs Pitbull) twice a day before mealsand to take him off of his regular dry dog food. We were instrucet to give him a bland diet of boiled rice and/or boiled skinless chicken breast or boiled ground beef. We the ground beef the first day and he seemed okay.. but then he vomited maybe twice more that evening (no beef in vomit). But we noticed a lot of things that werent food in the bile such as sunflower seed shells, bits of plastic/rubber from his toy, hair, some unidentifiable tiny pieces. He pooped a small amount of soft stool (smaller than usual)..
2. Second day he wasnt even thinking about eating. but we gave him Pepto and he was okay.. about an hour or so later we fed him boiled chicken and he gobbled it right up.. he was still a bit inactive adn tired looking so we let him rest. Later on that evening we tried to give him more boiled chicken but he didnt want.. so i tried to hand feed him despite him turning away from me, and he vomited right there. it seemed the smell of the chicken, or the thought of eating make him sickly.. :(
3. Third day, no eating whatsoever.. moping around still, we gave him pepto and a few moments later he vomited a tiny bit of pepto, but no bile.. we also bought NutriCal meal supplement for him so he could gain appatite, but it didnt work. But at least he had the nutrients because he began to look very gaunt and sickly.. the third day was his birthday, he could not eat his birthday steak :(
4. Fourth day no eating, but he has been drinking lots of water and keeping Pepto & NutriCal down.. He’s looking much healthier i think & has actually shown signs of activity (tail wagging, sniffing around) but only for a few moments, then back to moping & napping.. I also noticed he’s been doing alot of standing in one place and staring for about 1-2 minutes before moving to the next spot to nap. He just seems drained of all energy and unintrested in eating still.. I read today that it could be a Lymphoma, but none of his glands are swollen, also he’s a young dog, so this is ruled out almost immediatly.. He did poop a good amount. It was a typical soft stool. There are never any foreign objects in his stool. He’s had his shots so we’ve ruled out Parvo virus and worms..
5. No vomiting today. He’s had NutriCal & a little Pepto in the morning.. lots of napping, some staring.. he’s a bit more alert which is good, but still not intrested in eating. We will try to blend a concoction of boiled chicken & NutriCal to force feed him today because he really needs some food in his system..

Could he not be eating because he’s afraid? Since this is his first time being sick I figure he’s afraid of eating because he doesnt want to vomit…or could it be because he has intestinal blockage and nothing is passing through?

Please help if you can! We really dont have the $200 for a vet visit and multiple tests.. i would like to solve this problem at home, if we can..

Thanks for your time!

Jimmy answers:

Sorry but a vet is the only qualified person to diagnose your dog. There isn’t a way to solve this at home. Beg, borrow or sell what you have to & take your pet to vet – this is part of pet ownership.

Michael asks…

What to do with a dog being put to sleep soon?

My golden retriever, Corkee, is scheduled to be put to sleep today.

Today is his last day of living.

I want to do something special with him.

He is diagnosed with Lymphoma, and its putting him in relentless misery…

I’ve been giving him a bunch of food that he likes, popcorn, cereal, some candy. I’m letting him live his life.
I’ve been crying all day

sdfoidjfiojafsda9-fsdajfsdaj9ja-9sdf fuck today

Jimmy answers:

I’m sorry to hear this. Just spend time with him, i’m sure he’s happy when you’re around.

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