Discussing Questions And Answers About Lymphoma Dog Foods

Mandy asks…

Did change in diet trigger cancer in my dog?

The vets have said “no” but I am still skeptical. Late this summer, we ran out of dog food so I had to go to the local market for some. They only have the cheap name brand ones like purina dog chow etc. I bought the cheap generic brand that makes gravy when you add water.

My dogs loved it so much that I switched over to it. It was really cheap so I thought it was a good deal for everyone. About a month later, my 9 year old Lab came down with lymphoma. She passed away 2 weeks ago.

I can’t help but think this switch in food triggered her cancer. It is really bothering me. I have done a lot of research and diet is critical for the health of a dog (and everyone of course).

What is your personal opinion on this?

Jimmy answers:

50% of dogs die of cancer and it is not related to diet, it is genetics. You did nothing to cause it.

Steven asks…

Has anyone ever experienced with their dog the symptoms described below? If yes, how and what happened?

I have a seven year old Brittany. She has always been very healthy. However, over the last month or so, she has stopped eating her normal dry kibble, and increased her water intake quite a bit. She’s gone from 38 to 28 lbs, and we can now see her backbone, hips, and ribs more clearly, not to mention that she barks much less frequently. We took her to the vet for testing: her urine, fecal, and blood testing all came out normal, with the exception of a higher white blood cell count in her liver. We also did chest x-rays, and found nothing unusual. To get her to eat, we now have to use cold, soft food (cheese, hamburger, moist dog food, etc), sit on the floor with her, and convince her to eat. She is on antibiotics 3x a day in the event of a bacterial infection, and prednisone steroids if it’s something more serious like lymphoma, as well as to make her hungry. Other than that, she still seems pretty normal in her behaviors…she has never ingested anything she shouldn’t (like chip bags) either. My family kind of suspects her throat is hurting her, so maybe something is wrong there?

The vet said he’s never seen anything quite like this, but I was wondering if maybe someone else had.

Jimmy answers:

Go to VA Tech vet school for a work up. They aren’t expensive and the drive will be worth it. This could be serious and a regular vet isn’t up to the job.

Maria asks…

kidney failure in dogs what human food can i feed him?

My dog has kidney failure and Lymphoma or Leukemia he was given a K/D prescription diet and wont eat it. He only has 1-6 months to live he has survived the first 2 and the vet said all we can do is to keep him happy! his prescription diet is not keeping him happy because he wont eat it! i need to find what human food i can feed him other than boiled chicken and eggs! Please help his not got long left and just want to make him as happy as can be!

Jimmy answers:

My dog has lymphoma too… Im here with you ;(

if he is having kidney problems then you want to avoid too much proteinn. However, cancer feeds on carbohydrates and you want to reduce or eliminate those so reducing protein may not be an option.

I have also started cooking for my dog. The diet should consist of 75% meat and the rest can be veggies and maybe a LITTLE brown rice (carbs). Mine gets cooked ground meat (beef, turkey, lamb) and green beans, broccoli and cauliflower. I add a ton of olive oil to it and i also give him fish oil and vitamin E.

Try researching canine cancer diets.

I’m sorry about your bad news, a healthy carb restricted diet may help contribute to a slightly longer and happy life, my dog absolutely loves it!

Also….. If your vet told you to give him prescription hills diet then i would recommend switching vets. If you want to know why then google Hills Science diet and Cancer. Most vets have sponsors and i understand the need for them but science diet is absolute garbage and they should have recommended that you prepare your own meals before going to that.

EDIT: while i totally and whole heartedly agree that a RAW diet is absolutely the best diet ever, if your dog has not previously been on this diet it is not recommended to switch to it if your dog has a weakened immune system. Fruits are also out of the question as well as some veggies such as sweet potato and carrots because of the cancer.

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