Discussing Questions And Answers About Lymphoma Dog Foods

Susan asks…

Skin problems in dogs?

My dog has skin problems and ive tried everything. I stopped giving him human food and cheap dog food and switched him over to blue wilderness the salmon kind. Its a good dog food and i just bought him it today but i dont really think its going to help his skin problems. I went to the vet and all he said was its probably the food hes eating try to find out what hes allergic too. I thought maybe it was the grains and corn in the cheap dog food so i switched over today. Do you think it will help and if so how long until i see results? Hes always rubbing his face on the floor and biting at his paws and inside his legs. Hes a white pitbull and his skin looks like this but alot more red and irritated. Hes always getting ear infections also.



Cant the vet get some testing done to pinpoint what hes allergic too? If so how much will all this cost? I live in Canada and i just spent 8 grand on my other dog because he had lymphoma cancer. I also cleaned my house like crazy.

Jimmy answers:

As others have mentioned the elimination diet is the best and CHEAPEST way to find out if your dog has a food related allergy. My dog was highly allergic to chicken in all forms – so check the ingredient on everything because sometimes food including treats are preserved with chicken fat.

A natural remedy for ear infections is apple cider vinegar. Clean the ear well with apple cider vinegar and then put some Vitamin E, or Aloe Vera around the outside of the ear to help the healing processing. The ear infections are most likely caused by the allergies and once you alleviate the allergies, the ear infections will most likely subside.

Do you use a flea and tick collar? If so, get rid of it – it is poisonous and the toxins are absorbed through your pets skin. Use natural oils like neem, peppermint and eucalyptus. I brought home a puppy from a rescue shelter and found out she was covered in fleas. I washed her with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint liquid soap and rubbed peppermint and eucalyptus in her fur – the fleas literally jumped off her…

Your dog’s immune system is depressed, you can help it to become stronger by detoxing, cleansing and rebuilding her system with natural remedies like herbs and homeopathic remedies. Using home remedies is much more cost effective and greatly improves the overall health of your pets. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me.

Mandy asks…

how long does it take lymphoma cancer to spread?

we took our 6year old dogue de bordeaux to the vets on monday after noticing her eyes were yellow ish
an she was also off her food having lost weight. other than that she was quite normal..wednesday night she was sick undigested food with blood . thursdayshe was after her appointment she was addmitted to liverpool university for small animmals hospital.friday the vet rang at 12noon saying on doing the scan he found a large mass in her intestines attaching to her stomach.after doing a biopsy of the mass he found it was lymphoma the lymphoma mass was blocking the drainage of her gall bladder preventing the bile to enter her stomach also causing her not eat as without any bile the food would,nt be digested.so what really was happening was she was starving to death from thursday to friday she went downhill fast.. i,m wonder how long it takes for this certain cancer to grow ..as the vet said we had actually noticed it early on. friday night our dog was so week that me & my girlfriend decided enough was enough .and the kindest thing was to put her to sleep.. and it was the hardest thing we,ve had to do. she died in our arms

Jimmy answers:

You acted with the best interests of your dog. It was kind to have her put to sleep.

John asks…

My Dog has a Hardening bleeding throat lump!?

1-On first day dog seemed sick,was anorexic and not drinking..seemed like parvo or other virus.
1(a)- We started an antibiotic (keflex) that day. By nighttime she was drinking a little and eating a bit and by next day she was running around and begging for food.
2- Next day she seemed sick again and had a distinct lump in her throat. She was shaking when she laid down and her eye was getting droopy.
2(a) We took her to vet who did xrays and ultra sound. X rays show a large pocket in neck around a small black area. Vet suspected Lymphoma or blocked saliva glands, I suspected a spider swallowed and bitten in throat or an object stuck there. Vet treating with different antibiotic and Remadyl and Tramadol.
3-Dog swelling up and down with some bleeding from throat and drooling
3(a) Lump seems hard continue to treat the same way-dog able to drink water on her own at night and eating some cooked hamburger and cooked chicken…although not a lot. 4 swelling real bad yeterday afternoon took to vet to scope for object…vat found nothing but says it could be walled off(So soon???) now rules out lymphoma and saliva duct clog…suspects valley fever or something else(again sudden??
4(a)- says to keep treating same way.
5-Swelling very hard and large today, seems to block half her air. Much Much breeding from throat and mouth…absolutely wont eat or drink(cant blame her) Terrible discomfort…Standing with her swollen head facing to ground alot seems to move around seeking…what?…comfort??…improved breathing??
5(a) Called vet…no response yet…Hard to give her oral meds with so mech swelling and bleeding and gagging when we open her mouth..Also continue to give her Pedialyte with syringe orally through teeth.
Question-Hard lump…growing…Bleeding from lump…does anyone have a clue…Oh ya had treated at one point with Benadryl but to no effect(other than making her sleepy. HELP PLEASE IF YOU CAN!!! we are running out of time!

Pets > Dogs
The place i have been taking her is an emergency hospital!..They have a number of vets on staff..her primary and at least 3 others have consulted!!..we have spent tons of money looking for an answer!!!…TELLING ME TO TAKE HER TO A VET IS NOT AN ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am seeking knowledge of the symptoms…PLEASE!!!

Jimmy answers:

Take the dog to an emergency vet, tonight. Since the problem is becoming worse, they may be able to see something your own vet didn’t see. It will never hurt to have a second opinion.

Valley fever can localize and could be causing the problem, in which case the antibiotic will be helpful only if there is a secondary infection. You will need to put the dog on an anti-fungal. Did your vet send out a blood sample for testing?

Very important to keep her hydrated. Emergency vet can start her on SQ fluids and may have some other possibilities for treatment.

Above all, try to stay calm. Good luck.

Note — University of Arizona does not have a veterinary school or hospital. Depending on where you are located in the state, there are some really good emergency vets.

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