Discussing Questions And Answers About Recipe For Dog Food

Steven asks…

What food is best for overweight dogs? Is it okay to feed him with dog food from pet stores?

or is it a must to make a dog food recipe with the proper ingredients for his diet? Thanks!

Jimmy answers:

Did someone recommend that your dog is overweight? Or is this something your vet mentioned? They do make low fat foods for dogs. Also you should take into consideration of your dogs age they also make food for different ages of dogs. Maybe try feeding him less, like 1 cup in am and 1 cup in pm. Also making him “work” for his food. Set his food bowl in different areas of the house so he has to get up and get it.
Sometimes they manage to find food elsewhere. Like my dog, found that he loved cat food, so we had to move the cats food up high. Also my neighbor loved my dog, feeding table scrapes!! :(

Jenny asks…

What is your experience with Nature’s Recipe dog food?

We needed a sensitive skin dog food that did not break the bank. Our dog is on prednilosone and he is eating 3-4 times a day. Vet suggested we shop around for a sensitive skin dog food of our choice. Looking for the good, the bad, and the ugly on this food. Hopefully more good than bad.
We got the venison and rice flavor. It claims to have not meat byproducts, no corn or wheat fillers and no artificial preservatives. PetCo said that they’ve had no major complaints and that they sell it consistantly.

Jimmy answers:

I love this brand for the price. I donate one 40 pound bag each month to the animal shelter, as well as keep some on hand to feed my foster dogs. I mix it with the Merrick high quality kibble and I love the quality for the price.

I think it is a very good food and as long as your dog is doing well on it, I would keep him on it.
I had two ACD foster dogs a few months ago who had terrible skin issues and allergies, and they were fed the Venison and Rice formula with the Rabbit and Rice canned food and did extremely well…no more issues at all.

Charles asks…

Is Natures Recipe A good Dog food for a allergic dog?

my dog has allegys and i wanted to know if Natures Recipe would be good for him

Jimmy answers:

That depends on what your dog is allergic to. It is not a great food, in general: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/showcat.php?cat=all&stype=1&si=Nature%27s+Recipe I would try Canidae. It’s fairly affordable, can be found nearby most people (dealer locator on site), and contains no byproducts, wheat, corn, soy, or beef, which are the most common allergens for dogs. However, some dogs are allergic to a lot of things, and you may end up on a totally grain-free diet, or a ‘fish and sweet potato’, or who knows what, you’ll need to figure out what works for your dog, usually with an elimination diet.

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