Discussing Questions And Answers About Recipe For Dog Food

Mark asks…

i need a really easy dog food recipe with very few ingredient’s

ill award you ten points for best offfer

Jimmy answers:

When the massive dog food recall occurred early last year, I had a few bowls of beef stew up in the freezer I had planned to eat. Since I was planning to move soon, I saw this as an opportunity to (A) get rid of them, and (B) keep my dog’s food bowl full without fear of poisoning him.

You will need:

5 to 6 pounds of stew beef
2 Tablespoons olive oil
2 cans of beef broth
1 can cream of celery soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 pound small red potatoes, quartered
1 pound bag frozen vegetables (you can use mixed veggies, or just frozen peas and carrots)
1 packet onion soup mix

Sautee stew beef in olive oil; add to 5-quart or more slow cooker. Add remaining ingredients and cook on High setting for about 5 hours. Remove lid, and set cooker to Low setting for half an hour, to allow some of the liquid to evaporate (makes thicker stew). You can serve this alone or with dry food. Mine gobbled it down like there was no tomorrow.

Robert asks…

Did Nutro Natural Choice dog food change their recipe?

My dogs have been eating Nutro Natural Choice large breed puppy food for a few months now and they used to love it. Now they aren’t very interested in eating it at all. Did Nutro Natural Choice dog food change their recipe? Or is there something wrong with my dogs…?

Jimmy answers:

They may have grown bored of it.

There are many other much better and healthier dog food choices out there, you should try putting them on one of those. Natural Balance, Wellness, and Blue Buffalo are some of them.

Sandra asks…

Simple dog food recipe?

I need a good recipe for my dog. She medium sized, terrier poodle, 7 years old(still has the energy of a puppy) …she’s a super picky eater so I want something tasty but simple for me to make.

Thanks!!! :)

Jimmy answers:

To keep it easy for you but healthier for your pet you could start by trying this: Use one of the so-called super premium dry kibble foods (I use Avoderm at the moment) and then I open a can of sardines & mix it w the kibble. The sardines should be the no salt added variety packed in water. I’ve read that sardines in oil can have more breakdown in certain nutrients due to the oil. I mix this real well and my dogs love it.

This could get you started towards a homemade diet while giving you a chance to do a bit of research. Someone else suggested going the raw meaty bone (rmb) route. I would certainly do some research on the pros & cons of such a diet. Advocates seem to believe they are feeding the dog some sort of ancestral diet (translate ancestral: wolf). Well, that ancestral diet also included grains that were partially digested in the gut of many of the prey animals of said wolf but RMB fans never seem to address this issue. I an well aware that pet food is made w an over-abundance of cheap grain but rmb diet seems the opposite extreme to me. I may not be a fan of it for my dogs and my lifestyle but I know several people who feed their dogs this way and couldn’t be happier.

I don’t, however, believe for a minute that these people are duplicating the ancestral diet of our current canine companions. The dog (pet) isn’t hunting, producing excessive amounts of adrenaline & saliva (or going thru other biological changes) during the chase. Raw meat poses the same risks to our pets that eating raw meat would pose to a person.

Suggestion: Start w something doable so you don’t get discouraged. Do some research and go from there. I always feed a mixture of cooked meat (chicken, turkey, beef, liver or other organ), sweet potato (or pumpkin), rice (or beans or pasta) and that’s what the majority of my dog’s meals are made of. They also get eggs, yogurt or cottage cheese, cereal like original Cheerios or cooked oatmeal. And of course they’re crazy for sardines (mackerel too).

Sorry this is so long, thanks for reading my answer =: ]

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