Discussing Questions And Answers About Recipe For Dog Food

Ruth asks…

i need a recipe for dog food.?

i need a recipe cuz my dog super skinny so plez give me a recipe to fatten her up

Jimmy answers:

For my dog I do the following:

in a big pot:
cook 1 kg of meat (your choice);
add plenty of rice (let say 1/2 kilo)
add enough water to cover the rice
once the water is absorbed add plenty of veggies: carrots, broccoli, spinach…..whatever you like (strictly no onions, garlic, salt or other spices)

& cook gently for few more minutes

once cold I feed the dog
then I separate the rest in small many portions & freeze them

then I mixed it with dry food & dog food from a thin

My dog is 10 kg – miniature Schnauzer & he love it

Betty asks…

I would like a recipe for dog food.Please no funny stuff I Love my dog. Worried about all the recalls. Thanks?

Jimmy answers:

There are tons of web pages devoted to a raw foods diet and a BARF diet. It can take a lot of work however, so be sure you are ready for it. The wrong proportions can cause painful malnutrition symptoms and even death.

Instead, why not consider getting a premade diet from a good company? Natural Balance ( http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com ), Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Wellness, Evo, Wysong and similar foods will not be affected by this recall as they use all human grade ingredients and no fillers (like wheat gluten). Natural Balance even has a premade raw diet that you can feed to your pet.

I hope this helps. : )

Thomas asks…

Looking for the recipe called “Dog Food”?

i think that is what it is called. Its really good and is made with chex cereal and chocolate. Does anyone know what it is and where i can find the recipe? thanks so much!

Jimmy answers:

It is one cup peanut butter
1/2 cup powdered sugar
mix the peanut butter and sugar together.
melt or microwave it
drizzle the melted mixture over 4 cups Rice Chex
Then mix in choc chips

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