Discussing Questions And Answers About Sauces For Dog Food

George asks…

What can I do if my dog keeps eating out of the litter box?

My dog seems to think the litter box is her giant food bowl. We usually keep the litterbox on top of her crate so she cannot get to it, but my cat just broke his leg and now we have to keep it down low again so he can get to it. We even have one of the dome shaped ones for odor control and it should be hard for her to get into it, but she still manages to eat out of it!!! Any suggestions?

Jimmy answers:

I have a similar problem with my dog. I found that turning the opening of the litterbox towards the wall (leaving enough space for the cat to manuever, of course) helped, but I also had to disipline my dog a few times before the problem was eliminated. I’ve also read that putting the litterbox in a private place, e.g. The closet or under a desk, helps as well. If all else fails, pet stores sell powders that you can add to your cat’s food that doesn’t harm your cat and discourages your dog from eating from the litter. Putting tabasco sauce or bitter apple spray (found at pet stores) on the feces will also work, but only for a little bit. Eventually your dog would get used to the taste and eat it anyway.

Michael asks…

I’m having a disney themed party. What are some food ideas that have to do with the movies?

I need some easy food ideas, just stuff that they might have had in the movies and stuff. Any ideas are welcome, just don’t make fun of the fact that I’m having a disney party please haha

Jimmy answers:

What you can do is get all the balloons etc from a company taht has the disney theme. Then just pick out the party food you like and give it a name like

Mickey Mouse Cheese toasties – Melted cheese on toast cut into finger pieces

goofy’s hot digity dogs – mini dinner rolls ith cocktail franks and sauce

Huey, dewey and leweys corn dogs

Daisy ducks brownies

Mini ‘s apple pies – have mini apple pies

Pop corn

Pirate treasure – a big square box full of little cakes or Peti’ fours

Donald Duck’s Cheese and Bacon Potato Rounds

Cinderela’s fairy bread

Snow whites chocalate fingers

rataoullie – cheese rolls
The possibilities are endless

www.partymerchant.com/disney_theme_party.htm – 72k – you can order all the cups and plates etc with the disney theme

Laura asks…

How do I figure out why my dog is in pain?

So, the dog is not really mine but some relatives’ and they won’t take her to the vet because they figure she probably just ate a lizard and has nothing worse than an upset stomach. I’m worried, though. This is the second time this has happened in the last 2 months. The first time it stopped after 2-3 days. This time it’s only just started today.

Some background:
She’s a beagle/greyhound/I-don’t-know-what-else mix. She was adopted when she was a puppy (she’d already been spayed) and is now at least 9-10 years old. She maintains a healthy weight and exercises at least 30min every day just by running around the yard/pool area. Every weekend she goes for longer walks. Though I argue against it and avoid it if at all possible, she is fed food I know is not good for her (chocolate cookies that fell on the floor, leftover ribs someone had at a restaurant, sauces with onion and garlic, food that would have otherwise gone straight to the trash can). Her owners argue it’s never hurt her before and they think she’d know to avoid the food that’s bad for her. My hands are tied there. However, I’ve been here for a year and I’ve only now noticed these symptoms.

The symptoms:
She whimpers continuously. She will sometimes try to get up and lay down someplace else, but then it starts again. She even whimpers in her sleep. She will stop if I try to pet her, but I think she’s just doing it to please me/be a good dog. She will otherwise avoid making eye contact with me and refuses to lie down in the rug that’s in my room, preferring the emptier living room. Her breathing is a lot quicker than normal and when she gets up she walks very stiffly and seems to be weak. For the record, I’ve noticed she’s usually a little stiff when she first gets up after laying down for a long time, but she usually walks it off in the first 4-5 steps.

What I’ve tried:
I’ve tried petting her with a bit more pressure, trying to figure out if there’s a spot that hurts. I’ve tried gently pressing her sides, where her ribs end, and her belly (which is not inflamed, as far as I can tell). She doesn’t seem to have a fever either. I tried gently going over her joints and pressing them to check for tenderness but she didn’t flinch or show signs of pain either.

What else can I check for? What can I try to ease her pain? What arguments can I give to tell my relatives she needs a vet and prove it’s not just a lizard she ate?

(I’ve checked: there are no poisonous lizards in our state. I also highly doubt it’s a lizard she ate. She probably eats them a lot more often and they don’t make her sick.)

Jimmy answers:

A Grey hounds life span is 10- 12 years, you might add a couple years with the beagle mix, The dog is old and most likely has arthritis (they are not going to take her to the vet for this). Try a milder food to help with the stomach upset, Evanger’s Chicken and rice would be my choice. Try adding a glucosen contributingn supplementt to help with the arthritis.

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