Discussing Questions And Answers About Sauces For Dog Food

Carol asks…

How can I keep my dog from eating his own feces?

Hes so picky he”ll starve himself before he”ll eat his dog biscuits. If I give him anything tastier he eats his shit. Help!

Jimmy answers:

Your dog is suffering from what is called coprophagia.There are three types.

1 Autocoprophagia eating its own faeces…
2 Intraspecific Coprophagia eating faeces from within its own species ie another dog.
3 Interspecific Coprophagia eating faeces from another species (ie cat, deer, rabbit, horse, etc)

The rarest is the one your dog is doing which is autocoprophagia. But is one of the easiest to cure.

The reason for dogs doing this is not fully understood but their are many theories and Ideas such as the quality of food you are feeding may mean that he needs more minerals or vitamins.

Or the dog observes either the nursing mother cleaning up the faeces and urine in their the first 3.5 weeks, especially if the pup is one of the first born or it sees its owner picking up the faeces, and copies this behaviour. Monkey see monkey do.

Some people recommend changing to a food with less protein if they are Autocoprophagic, the richer the food the more chance that the dog may find the faeces palatable

A method that sometimes works is to feed your dog pineapple extract or slices or pumpkin seeds, Garlic extract – due to its odour or Capsicum Oleoresin – which is very hot to the taste, or give iron tablets. These all apparently make their faeces foul tasting.

There is also a powder called Deterrent: This is a powder given to a dog with its food it is supposed to make the faeces distasteful. Some people put chili sauce or mustard on the faeces in the hope that it will deter the dog. One of the best treatments is to simply pick up the faeces. Lack of access can sometimes break the cycle. This is obviously more difficult in cases of Inter/Intraspecific behaviour as you would normally be unaware of where the faeces are going to be.

There are many idea and treatments and I have written an article covering all these areas see http://www.doglistener.co.uk/dogfood/coprophagia.shtml

Helen asks…

What is your best Nacho with Chili Toppings~BQ:Other food ideas to pre/make at hotel for 5 night stay?

We’re staying at a hotel for 5 nights.
I’m thinking up ideas to have ready in the hotel (has a small kitchen with stove, oven, full fridge, and microwave) Note: I don’t use the microwave. As I am against the chemicals it produces in our food.

I already have a can of chili. I think nachos sounds good. What are some good things to put on it? I saw one with hotdogs on it.
We’ll be drinking. So something that complements beer and liquor…and some wine.

I’m bringing things with us in a cooler to save money. Freezing milk. Bringing sandwich stuff. Condiments. Pre-making hotdogs and beans. We’ll have plenty of salad and fruit.
I’m pretty picky with my food. I am almost completely organic. I still have a few exceptions. And still will eat out for a few meals.

Would you have any recommendations for meals I can pre-make and then drive with us for about 7 hours?

Or any food recommendations at all?
I’m trying to avoid grocery shopping when we get there. So I’m bringing pretty much anything I need with me in the car.
I do have a slow cooker, rice cooker, probably will bring a pan I like and a pan to bake in the oven~

Please give your ideas and thank you :)
No. Not pre make them.
I have a hot dog and bean casserole that I make. All the spices and such. And taking an hour in the oven.
lol pre make hot dogs.

Thank you, Satly and Peppy for the ideas :)

Jimmy answers:

Make BBQ pulled pork. Freeze one or two servings per bag.
Form hamburger patties and freeze them.
Make lasagna. Freeze individual pieces.

There is no need to “pre-make” hot dogs. They are fully cooked. They only need to be heated through.

Something that goes well with BBQ pulled pork, hamburgers, AND hot dogs is baked beans. Just buy a can at the store. Bring a sauce pan to heat them.

~ I like to keep my nachos simple:
Taco meat – with onions added
Shredded Mexican-blend cheese
Taco sauce
Sour cream

If you are bringing things to make nachos, a few extra items will let you make taco salad another day. You just need to add some kidney beans, the dressing of your choice (I use 1,000 Island), and some Doritos to your list.

Sandy asks…

Cheap, simple and different food and drink ideas for a 13th birthday party?

I would like something simple to make and different from your normal party food e.g. party pies, chips and soft drink.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Jimmy answers:

Big giant pizza with barbeque sauce, chili garlic sauce and hot sauce on the side, tacos, hot dogs, nachos. Let everyone make their own tacos and hot dogs with whatever condiments they want. If you decide on hot dogs, maybe you can make them over a bonfire along with roasted marshmallows. My Mom made the best party punch. It was a pitcher of koolaid, 1/2 large can of pineapple juice and 1 liter Sprite/7 Up mixed in a punch bowl. I still love it.

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