Discussing Questions And Answers About Sauces For Dog Food

Thomas asks…

Does anyone have a list of fruits dogs can eat?

I need to find a list of fruits dogs could eat. I know that carrots are good for them, but i need to know what fruits are ok.

Jimmy answers:

Some good fruits and veggies you can give your dog are baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, peices of apple (no seeds or core- those are bad), green beans, small amounts of non spiced canned pumpkin. Small peices of banana are ok, but only give in small amounts because they are very rich. I would not give your dog milk- they cant digest it well and it will only cause diarrhea and stomach upset. Water is all they need to drink- you can add some ice cubes for a treat. If you want to give your dog something good for a treat- freeze some apple sauce in ice cube trays or small dixie cups. Your dog will love it!

Heres a other thing I found on the Internet.

* Apples (they contain potassium, which stimulates the immune system, and pepsin, which helps the stomach)
* Broccoli (rich in vitamins)
* Carrots (rich in vitamins, great treats to substitute for biscuits)
* Cabbage (rich in vitamins, good for digestive system and skin)
* Cucumber (good for teeth and bones due to potassium content; can combine with carrots to promote a healthy liver and kidneys; in juice form, a good diuretic … peel cucumbers unless organically grown)
* Celery (chopped or juiced; can help with arthritis)
* Garlic (removes waste from blood, can help repel fleas; use fresh garlic finely minced)
* Green beans (lightly steamed; healthy and low-cal treat)
* Parsley (can reduce allergy symptoms and aid kidney function; chop finely or boil parsley and add the juice over food)
* Kale (rich in antioxidants and can help reduce allergy symptoms)
* Spinach (very healthy; serve chopped)
* Bananas (in small quantity; a coveted treat)
* Olive oil (a tablespoon a day is good for skin and fur)

* Preparation suggestions: Many veggies can be served raw, lightly steamed or in juice form. For most vegetables such as broccoli and carrots, it is far better to steam them instead of serving raw for improved digestibility and nutritional value. Also, since dogs have small digestive tracts, you can puree vegetables to enable your pet to digest more. If you use canned vegetables, get the salt-free kinds.

* Organically grown benefits: Due to their smaller size and more compact body systems, pets can be more prone to the toxic effects of pesticide contamination than are people. So it is best to feed them produce that is organically certified, which also has higher nutritional value for everyone.

Betty asks…

I have a squirrel problem because they keep chewing hole in my trash cans. How can i get rid of them?

I have a squirrel problem, they are chewing holes in my trash cans to get food. Metal cans are to small, and i want them out of my hair. How can i get rid of them? Also is Shooting they with an pellet gun or BB Gun Legal?

Jimmy answers:

Spray some Tabasco sauce on the cans around the areas where they chew. Their burning mouths will tell them that these caned are dangerous and those pests will go away. Or you could build a fence around these cans. Don’t shoot the squirrels though cause they are natures goodness. Oh, spray ammonia around the can area also. The scent deters them as like a cat or dog marking territory.

Sharon asks…

How can I make my dog eat out of his bowl?

I have a Shih Tzu, he is three and a half months old and I just got him three days ago. He really is a good dog, but for some reason, he seems scared of the food bowls. I’ve tried everything, and still, he refuses to eat from the bowls. He will eat from the floor or my hand, though.
I have no idea of what to do and I’m worried he’s not getting all the food he needs, since he’s just a puppy.
Thank you in advance.

Jimmy answers:

First, you need to teach him that the bowls are a good thing. Start will filling the bowl with his regular diet. While he is watching you, grab a special treat, such as a piece of cheese or BBQ sauce, and put it on top of the food. Dogs will do almost anything for a treat. He should be eating from the bowl in a couple of days. Try not to overdo it on the treats.

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