Discussing Questions And Answers About Sauces For Dog Food

Mark asks…

What should i do or feed my dog if she doesnt like any brand of dog food??

My miniture poodle, Daisy, doesn’t like any brand of dog food. She has not been eating any kind i give her. what should i do or feed her?

Jimmy answers:

Dogs, especially poodles can be finiky creatures. I know that with my poodle (she was toy) I often had a hard time feeding her as well. She was just very picky. But here is the thing, if your dog is healthy, if you leave the food out for a few days, she will eventually eat it because she’ll be so hungry…and you run the house not her, so you get to decide what she eats, not her. If she doesn’t eat it after about 5 days, get her to a vet because she may have a health issue that the vet needs to look into. Really though, be patient with her, understand she’s not going to starve herself, and try adding a little bit of flavor to the food. IAMS makes a gravy sauce for dogs, you can get it at Target. If you mix it in with the dry food, she may be more likely to eat it too because it will have more of a meat flavor. Another thing, NO people food, if she’s getting that she has no reason to eat her dog food. Hope that helps!

Ken asks…

How do you take care of baby Sparrow?

Well, I’ve had this baby sparrow for one day. It fell from a tree onto the ground I do not know how it survived because the nest was really high in the tree. I put him in a box with shavings and a blanket around with a lamp on top to keep him warm. I’ve been feeding him wet dog food with 1/4 of apple sauce , 1 tums and a hard boiled egg every 15 to 30 minutes till 7 am to 12 am. Any suggestions what else I should do?
I found out all the food and care on this website http://www.starlingtalk.com/babycare.htm and I’ve talked to people that they have had results that the baby sparrow lived. I just want some opinions on it.

Jimmy answers:


Do not feed him eggs or tums! Do not feed him dog food! Feed him little bits of fruits, like berries. Or maybe small bits of apple, bread crumb sized. Keep it in the warm environment. If you have worms around, find a worm and cut it up into small pieces for it. Even some mosquito eaters, pincher bugs, spiders or crickets would be good protein. I have to ask,

Where did you hear to feed it tums, eggs and dog food?

James asks…

Why does the 2013 brand of Republican Politics tastes like the same old expired dog food?

You would think that they would have put some tabasco sauce on it to hide the taste or something but they did not. They are just shoveling it up and serving it, and the American Public are throwing up and rejecting it.

Jimmy answers:

That’s a great depiction of ‘new’ lib ideas

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