Discussing Questions And Answers About Sauces For Dry Dog Food

Linda asks…

Is it okay to give a small dog a little dry cat food in an emergency?

traveled and my niece put in the dry cat food instead of dog. going to store as soon as we get to a big town.

Jimmy answers:

No, don’t do it. Cat food is too high in protein by percentage and may well cause him diarrhea. And if the fat load is high enough it can cause even more problems.You do not need a dog with diarrhea on a car trip. Trust me on that one.

You should be able to locate a convenience store along the way that will have something you can use to feed him until you can get more of his regular food. A better solution is toddler baby food – turkey or chicken or beef with sweet potatoes, pasta, or rice, or toddler stew are all good choices. The 3 and 4 ounce jars are just about perfect for a meal for a small dog if you are feeding twice a day (I have used it for my 13-16 pound dogs in an emergency).

You can also use canned soup in the same way. Select a ready to serve (not condensed) vegetable and meat soup or stew and if they have a low salt version on hand, that’s even better.

If not, I would feed him some of whatever you are eating (assuming you are stopping at a restaurant or diner to eat along the way). You can cut up some meat and veggies and give 1/3 meat and 2/3 veggies, or give him a half of a sandwich ( meat, cheese, bread, lettuce, but no condiments), or a small portion of stew. Or get him some scrambled eggs and toast. When choosing something to give him avoid salty and deep fried things (fat can lead to diarrhea) and heavily spiced sauces and gravies.

Joseph asks…

I am going to a small town for a month. Can anyone tell me any good recipes that I can use?

There are very few stores and I can’t really go to any stores because they are far and I don’t have a car. By the way, please don’t suggest canned food or tuna.

Jimmy answers:

Use packaged foods like dry pasta, rice, other grains, cereal. Canned fruit and vegetables, sauces, soups, even meats. You might have to settle for powdered or canned milk. Eggs keep a long time, several weeks past the expiration date. Pickles. Hot dogs, sausage, cheese all last a long time’.

Charles asks…

How should I change a puppys diet?

I got him 2 days ago and his owner cooked him mince and rice with sesame oil and fish sauce!!! Ive put him on dry food but of course it has upset his tummy. When will he get used to it-what should I do?

Jimmy answers:

Mix some chicken (unseasoned- i just boil it) and canned pumpkin in with the dry food you’re feeding him- this mixture is highly digestible and my 2 hunting dogs love the taste and it always stops their loose stool problems. Also remember the puppy is adjusting to his new home…so give him some time to warm up and feel more comfortable.

GOod luck & Congrats!

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