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Thomas asks…

whats the best way to cook rabbit?

i bought a rabbit form the pet store a year ago and ive been feeding it organic food; its getting really big now.. i plan on having a family dinner next friday.. what would would be the best way to prepare it? any wine suggestions?

Jimmy answers:

Rabbit – the Maltese way

super recipe. Well worth trying!

Your will need:
1 Rabbit (portioned), or use 4 – 6 rabbit portions.
2 Onions
6 garlic cloves, peeled
3 large tomatoes, peeled and chopped OR one tin of chopped tomatoes mixed with one teaspoon of sugar
2 tablespoon tomato paste
6 carrots peeled and sliced
1 cup peas
2 bay leaves
one good pinch of mixed herbs
one tablespoon of oregano and one of basil
1 tsp olive oil
1 stock cube
salt and pepper
1 1/4 cups red wine
flour to coat rabbit portions.

Add salt and pepper to flour. Mix well.
Roll the rabbit portions in the seasoned flour.
Cook rabbit in olive oil until slightly brown.
Add onions, garlic, tomatoes to the pot.
Pour some of the wine over the ingredients.
Add tomato paste, stock cube, peas, bay leaves and all herbs.

Bring to the boil and simmer for about 1 1/2 hours. (A slow cooker is ideal for this dish).
Add more wine if the sauce begins to dry up.

Serve with pasta and a green salad.

James asks…

I’ve got a phone interview with a bank?

i’ve got a phone interview with the bank and i don’t know what to answer. I’ve got some costumer services done in the past in portugal but the bank is complety different. I don’t know what to say and the last time i had some questions done in another interview i put my feets in the water. What can i do… some of the questions are gonna be really hard and i don’t know what to say. can anyone help me?

Jimmy answers:

The problem with the phone interview is that you cannot use your body language as a persuating tool, but this shouldn’t be an issue for an emotional person. What do you mean you have put your feet in cold water. Come on, you can do better than that. An interview is just a way of convincing some people you are the perfect candidate for a certain job.

About the phine interview…..you have to take into consideration some things like
-the pith of your voice
- the way you answer/talk….slow enough to make yourself understood, enhanced words, no hummimg, no ahems”, just straight answers, detailed ones if needed.
- some no-no’s – the TV on, pets running aruound the house, food on the cooker :) ) so on so on…..have a look here:


Good luck! Stop being afraid.

Ken asks…

Mother found out I’m pregnant at 16?

I have been in a very stable relationship for a year with my boyfriend who is my best friend who is the father of this child. My mom had a good idea we were having sex. I am about 2 months pregnant, I just found out and told her. She is treating me horrible, like I got in trouble with the law or something. Like I am a dog and disgrace to the world. Like this has never happened to anyone before. She is prohibiting me from seeing my boyfriend, to even leave my house, He is one of the only people I have. She is saying she doesn’t even want to look at me and bringing up stuff from my past and how much of a horrible child I am. I am very hurt. I would like to be with my dad’s sisters who were very comforting before I told her and made me feel a lot better but she isn’t even letting me go there. She didn’t even ask about my wellness or anything. She is bringing me to have an abortion. I am absolutely traumatized and scared. I feel alone.

Jimmy answers:

I am so, so sorry for what you are going through. Tell your doctor that you do not want an abortion and that your mother is forcing it on you and if they do not take no for an answer tell them that you will sue when you become an adult and do not sign anything. You can call the cops or email your local police department before your appointment to let them know she is trying to force you to have an abortion. The law is on your side. If you live in the USA Your mother cannot kick you out of the house before age 18 without facing child abandonment charges. In most states I don’t know how many states. You can be emancipated in the case of pregnancy do a little research. Come up with an alternate plan. The good thing is that if your parents are financially supporting you can be a stay at home mom. There are public high schools that you can attend for free online so that you can get your diploma. I am doing college with 3 kids it isn’t easy but I am getting it done and making for the most part good grades. The military was a good option for me because it gave me childcare/ housing for me and my dependants, discounted daycare and everything else I needed to get a good start in life. I am going to school using my post 9/11 GI bill which pays for my college and gives me over $1,000.00 a month in housing allowance You need to learn a different kind of study when you have kids. But you can do this do some research and present your mom with your plan for your future. Include a plan or cost of daycare once you graduate high school that does not include her, maybe you and your boyfriend can alternate between working nights and days. Your plan for daycare during high school is online high-school. Diapers and clothing- take up an old camp/ sport/ retreat t-shirt collection from friends and take the next 7 months to sew them up and use pins of make the more complicated snap or velcro kind. Look up upcycled clothing on pinterest. See a social service agent and get on medicare to pay for pre, birth and postnatal appointments and pediatric care for your son or daughter. Get on WIC so that you can get a loaner pump to use instead of costly formula and store the milk in old spaghetti and jelly jars by date in the fridge. WIC will pay for all the baby food that you need. Use baking 1 tsp baking soda to 8 oz water as baby shampoo and wash your kid with regular towels and wash clothes. A crisis pregnancy center will help you get everything that you need to help you have this baby and they will help you keep your mom from forcing this abortion on you. Get a waterproof mattress cover on your bed just in case breast milk leaks or your water breaks or your kid messes the bed. Stay strong your mother can not force this on you. You need to have sacrificial love for your baby. A lot of organizations give away car seats for free. Your kid can sleep in a play yard on a chair cushion rather than a crib and play yards cost less in the pet section. You can make a laundry basket into a bassinet and use a pool noodle under your fitted sheet on the edge of the bed for co-sleeping. Think basic needs, a way to travel(carseat and stroller), a place to sleep (your bed or the floor in a playpen), food to eat (WIC or blender and make your own, and breast milk use a pump borrowed from WIC, or research buying your own and you will need bottles, nipples or sippy cups, you can heat it by running hot tap water over the bottle or using a slow cooker that has water heated at all times), clothes to wear (upcycle old clothing), medical care (Medicare), and a way to get clean Sink or bath tub use regular towels and baking soda with water to clean.

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