Discussing Questions And Answers About Vet Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Ruth asks…

my dogs sick, an advice? :-( ?

hey my puppy is 4months old and this is the the second day now that he doesn’t want to eat anything. i started worrying because he usually always wants to eat. but he still playful, not as much but still very playful, and he still drinking plenty of water. and his gums are very light colored and cold. not pink anymore. i try to offer him dog food, i even put a couple pieces in his mouth and he just spit them out. anyone know anything that can help? please. i love him, ive had him since he was 5weeks and since the day i got him he sleeps inside with me. i will take him to the vet in he doesn’t get better, but i really need some help right now.

Jimmy answers:

It sounds like he might be sick. I would call the vet and ask their opinion even if you cant get him in today. He could be sick or it could be he’s just tired of his food.


This site has some homemade dog food recipes, but check with your vet first!

Paul asks…

i gave my dog 1 teaspoon of garlic will it kill her?

Jimmy answers:

If it’s a bigger dog, probably not. If it’s a breed with a cast-iron stomach, like a lab, probably no worries. But if a real small breed, you might want to check in with the vet. Mostly it’s a matter of watching to see if any problem develops, and if it does, definitely call the vet or someone who knows what to do about it. A little bit of garlic – like a spec of it on some human food, or the little bit that shows up in some homemade dog treat recipes – should be no problem at all, but 1 teaspoon, I don’t know. Thinking about it, why did you give the dog a teaspoon of garlic?

David asks…

A few questions about Great Danes?

I’m thinking of buying a Great Dane in a year or two so I’m am just doing research about them so that I know what to expect, the character of the dog and what they like.
I have 3 dogs already and they are all well trained, would the Great Dane be ok with my dogs as I would be getting a male (my dogs are all females and have been neutered)?
I know that the dogs should have foods with not alot of protein and I was wondering what make of food would be good for it from been a pup to an adult (i live in the UK)? I have read that Great Danes have fine fur so what type of brush would be good for grooming? And what shampoo should I use for when I washed it (I am aware of it size, we have a wet room)? I have one dog that is very sound sensitive and barks at some loud noises would the Dane pick this up and copy? Also on average how much would I be spending a year(food,vets, accessories)?

Jimmy answers:

Then you know you should not feed a food that is over 23% protein. Brands in the UK are different than ones in the US. Look for a food that is grain free and lists a meat as the first ingredient. I use a human hair brush on my guy. I make my own shampoo. There are recipes on the internet for homemade shampoo. That way you aren’t using all the chemicals that store bought shampoos have. I feed a raw diet so my cost is less that the expensive good foods. I can buy whole chicken for 97 cents a pound. To that I add a little liver and sometimes hamburg or other meats.

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