Discussing Questions And Answers About Vet Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Michael asks…

Severely underweight dog + picky eater?!?

I adopted a Great Dane just over three months ago. She’s extremely underweight, and won’t eat food that’ll fatten her up – or that’s good for her, actually. For the first week, she just picked at her food. She’ll happily eat Beneful mixed with Tescos own brands of wet dog food, but neither are very good for her.

I’ve tried mixing wet food with dry food, I’ve tried putting gravy on her dry food, giving her hot dogs, cheese, ham, boiled chicken, I’ve tempted her with scraps of venison, table scraps and have even tried putting her on a raw diet, but she’s not interested in any of it. She’ll sniff it, and then just wander off.

She just won’t eat any other food. I filled her bowl with a good brands (Orijen, mixed with Tescos own) and just left it down for her for a day and a half. By lunchtime on the second day, I gave in and put down the Beneful for her and she dove on it. I always thought dogs would eat what’s down if they’re hungry, but she just didn’t.

She’s been given a clean bill of health several times over. She’s had a thyroid check and the vet did some blood work. We found out she still had worms, but they’re gone now and everything else has come back clear. She has food down all the time, but because it’s a crappy brand, she fills up on it quickly, doesn’t eat enough to get any goodness out of it.

The only other food that I’ve discovered that she’ll eat are frozen peas. If the peas or Beneful are mixed with anything, she just ignores it. I don’t know how long I can leave food that she doesn’t like down for her, before giving her the only food she’ll eat. I don’t want to leave it so long that she starts to starve, obviously, but I don’t want to pick it up right away. She won’t even try other foods.

It’s so frustrating. People look at me like I starve her. I’ve actually had the RSPCA come down because one of my not-so-close neighbours reported me for animal neglect. I don’t know what else I can try to get her to eat food that’s good/fattening for her, and I have no idea what’s wrong with her. The vet(s) keep insisting that there’s nothing wrong with her and that she’s just a fussy eater.

She’s so skinny you could play a tune on her ribs.

Anyone experience something like this before? What did you do to get your dog to gain weight, and/or did you find out what the problem was in the first place? I’ve no idea what to do! The shelter just keep saying she’ll start eating more when she’s settled in, but she’s been settled in for 2 and a half months now!

Jimmy answers:

Try some homemade foods. Heres a few recipes.. You can google more

1 pint whole fat Cottage Cheese , 1 lb turkey (or any other ground meat) burger (raw) 2-3 eggs – boiled in the shell for 30 seconds* 2 tablespoons Flax Seed or Olive oil 1 can sardines or tuna fish

It is full of protein, essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes.

*Boiling the eggs for 30 seconds denature the whites and leave the benefits of the yolks intact.

Look up “satin Balls” for dogs . It will put weight on if the dog will eat them. Some do Some dont

then theres always the slow one week transfer method. Mix the food you want with the food she will eat.. 10/90, 20/80. 30/70 . So that by the end of 10 days she is 100% your prefered food.

For one dog who was carb addicted ( which may be your problem with the dane and beniful).. We had to crush the beneful and sprinkled alittle of it over the food we wanted her to eat. It took 3 weeks to get her to eat just the new, healthy food

Sandra asks…

is this a good reciepe for homemade dog food?

I have a 4 year old Beagle mix and a 15 week old Boxer/Rottweiler mix. My puppy has been a picky eater since we got her, we had her on Nutro Max large breed, she stopped eating that, so we put her on Solid Gold Large puppy. Well she has stopped eating that as well. So I decided to make my own for her. I put in Oatmeal, ground Turkey, frozen peas, carrots, and broccoli, chicken broth, eggs, frozen peaches and a spoonful of plain yogurt. Is this an ok reciepe for an adult dog and puppy. I would also be interested in other reciepes! Thank you!
Thank you! She has a vet appointment this Friday, I will be sure to bring it up and make sure what I’m feeding her is good for her!

Jimmy answers:

Never feed a puppy home prepared food without consulting a vet nutritionust, especially a large breed puppy. With homemade food you have to make sure all nutrients are present in proper amounts. There is no way to know what the calcium to phosphorus ratio is for example. Too much or too little and your puppy can develope severe bone deformities from improper growth.

Your puppy needs to be trained to eat what they are given. You are in control, not them. At the moment, your puppy is testing it’s boundaries like a child would, seeing how much they can get away with. Every time you change food when your puppy demands it, you are encouraging and rewarding picky eating. Soon your puppy will be refusing your homemade food too. Then what?

Pick a quality dog food for large breed puppies and stick with it. If your dog chooses to go a day or two without eating, fine. No healthy dog will starve themselves.

Your recipie might be ok for your adult. Make sure you offer a variety of different foods to achieve a nutrient balance over time, including all 36 essential nutrients dog’s require. At least 50% should be meat, and get approval from a nutritionist before feeding any recipe long term.

Joseph asks…

Question about a puppy?

I adopted a mixed breed puppy (i say adopted not bought because she was adopted to me for $10)
She’s obviously a BYB mutt, so of your going down that road just stop yourself right now I DON’T CARE. I didn’t breed her myself and I love her all the same. I’ve raised and legitimately bred purebred papered samoyed huskies as sled dogs before I understand the difference but I saw her and wanted her end of story. Consider it a blessing in a already f*d situation, this one will get appropriate vet work, appropriate training, and will NEVER see the pound.

I know her dad is a mini poodle and her mom is half pomeranian/ half chihuahua. She’s about 6-8 wks I’m going to confirm that tomorrow a I kept the original owners number, I know by experience she isn’t much older. I would have opted to leave her with her litter until 12wks but she was the only one left damage was already done.
My question is they fully weened her to dry food already and I usually kept mine on the tit until 6 weeks then weened to formula along with the dry food until they were 9wks then weened them to dry food. So should I put her back on formula mixed with her food or is it too late to reinterduce. I’ve never had this issue before. I just want her to have the best start I can give? I just got her and my vet is out of town, also I do have a scale I can weigh her on to know the right feeding amount and I’m aware of all the charts. I’m also educated on milk replacers including homemade recipes. I’m aware of raw diets, food quality,so on and so forth.

I’m kind of seeking alternative advice and what not. I’m already prepared to have a health check done and I know thos is the territory I entered getting a BYB mutt, like I said this dog just called to me and I’m responsible and ready to give her anything she requires so maybe others have some experience to share for my pups benefit.

Any appropriate, non-belligerent, friendly suggestions will be fully appreciated.

Jimmy answers:

You can keep her on dry if she eats it. You know about quality foods vs crap, so no advice there. Small breed dogs are no longer puppies after 9mos unlike large breeds, so she can go to adult food then. If you want to and think she needs more nutrition mix wet with dry, again no quality lecture. Lastly, thank you for rescuing her.

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