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Michael asks…

Why does my dog have itchy, raw, red butt?

I have a 5 year old Japanese chin mix. For the past few months her butt has been red, raw, and itchy. She also, squeaks in pain when she finally makes a bowl movement. I have taken her to a couple vets. They tell me nothing is wrong! They say its the hair on her butt! They shave it, yet afterwards, she lays around even more after that. What can I do?! I’m at my wits end! I soak her in the tub acouple times a week, but feel as if water is not enough! Help! Please!

Thank you in advance.

Jimmy answers:

Could it possibly be her food? She may have an allergy to it.
I would try her on a boiled chicken/brown rice diet to see if her
skin clears up.


Here is a link to some home made recipes:


Take a look at this link on pet food ingredients:


Good luck, I hope your little one feels better ;-)

Helen asks…

food for a dog with kidney failure?

i have a golden retriever with chronic kidney failure, it is painful for him to eat due to mouth and stomach ulcers so he generally wont eat anything and is withering away pretty fast. from my understanding, kidneys filter out toxins in foods and since his are no longer doing that i was hoping someone could tell me foods low in those toxins or if you have a dog with similar problems with a prescription diet if you could tell me what it is as my vet failed to do so. i just asked this question but didn’t get any helpful answers so please tell me something i could buy at a grocery store that will be healthy for him to eat.

Jimmy answers:

I’m very sorry to hear about your dog. I recently lost my cat of 17 years to kidney failure. It’s very sad to watch them get so skinny and suffer :(

You won’t find anything with low toxins at the grocery store. Grocery store foods are horrible and eating them could even be why your dog is having kidney problems now.
Typically, for kidney failure, you want a low protein food, which grocery store food typically is, but is also has all that crap in it, it will make matters worse. Here is a link to some homemade foods you could try for your dog: http://www.ehow.com/way_5795982_homemade-dog_food-recipes-kidney-failure.html Also, canned food may be a good option.

It may soon be time to let your dog go. Kidney failure is not pleasant. If you feel your dog has lost her quality of life, or seems to be starving herself to death, those are signs it may be time. I know it’s so, so hard. But you don’t want your baby to suffer…

Paul asks…

my dog is 5 and has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism a year ago?

the vet put her on soloxine originally 2 x0.8 mg tablets and over the year shes now down to 0.8 plus a 0.2 tablet per day, at first she was a little more active now she is aways panting and again not vey active at all she lost 2 kilos at first then nothing she is overweight i cannot cut her food down anymore she is on 2 and a half mug complete food a day.Last month vet said her hormone levels were fine.I cannot see this is normal for her all her blood test seem to be okay.I should say she is a rhodesian ridgeback..i have another ridgeback who is 9 and a half n still runs like the wind, so this is a little upsetting when i take them for walks as the younger one doesnt run at all..any suggestions please

Jimmy answers:

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good luck hope help you much

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