Click Show More for More! This is by far the easiest way to make a Homemade Birthday Cake for your dog! The Recipe is simple! I was pretty excited to find this and decided to give it a try!…

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25 Responses to DOG BIRTHDAY CAKE Easy Recipe

  1. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    Hello #Pawdience Whoot for Birthday Cake! Yummy!!
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    and Subscribe!
    #GonetotheSnowDogs #GTTSD #SiberianHusky #Husky #SnowDogs #CuteDogs #Dogs

  2. Rebecca Thomas says:

    Sooooo cool Memphis is sooo cute tell the girls I love them

  3. AnDrEa Gamer says:

    <3 animals <3

  4. James Younh says:

    3rd NEW RECORD
    And happy birthday Memphis 

  5. Fennekin Fire says:


  6. Bella's doggies says:

    Looks like Memphis wolfed the whole thing down in the thumbnail! :3

  7. Gloria Kohli says:

    aweeeeeeeeeeee it must taste great!

  8. c&m says:

    Thanks I make sell home made dog treats and food a little for cats if u or
    anyone u know whachs to try them a try big is $5 . thanks u can go on my
    pays to see all I make 

  9. Artysta1994 says:

    1:30 left eye blinked

  10. britbratbri says:

    Happy Belated birthday Memphis! I also want to say that the way you wash
    dishes is how we wash dishes.. I call it the first rinse cycle lol.. The
    dogs take a lot off but you still gotta clean up after cause they always
    leave something behind lol

  11. Athena McStorm says:

    What did Jamie make? It looked amazing!! 

  12. SimplyyMe_xo says:

    What do you do with the rest of the cake

  13. Cheryl Reitz says:

    that looks yummy and it is a Pennsylvania product lol

  14. Jazzy Atienza says:

    Can humans eat it? It looks like human cake.

  15. doggie Diggie says:

    We just took a milk bone put peanut butter on it and put a candle on it and
    said happy birthday

  16. SummerSparkle06 says:

    Looks good enough I could eat it!

  17. Mary Gibson says:

    Cool :) 

  18. Syntain says:

    Happy belated Birthday Memphis! I love that our birthday is 4 days apart :) 

  19. KITTYKITTYBO says:

    That’s so cool!!!! I did not know they had mixes!!!!!!

  20. LittleDerp YT says:

    Shelby winked to me at 1:30 !

  21. Aaron Boekhoudt says:

    Can humans eat it cuz it looks delicious

  22. Christine Verreault says:

    Happy birthday Memphis and many more to com :) <3

  23. LaCritica009 says:

    Happy Birthday **

  24. EmilyLpsTV says:

    Where is Nora?

  25. Michael Warbux says:

    I think I’m gonna do this for Hamilton’s birthday next month. He’ll love

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