Easy Apple Chips for Dogs | Homemade Dog Treats Recipe

Click Show More for More! Find the Recipe Here: http://goo.gl/ENjRwG How to make homemade Apple Chips for your dog. We thought since fall was in the air, it was the perfect time to make this…

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25 Responses to Easy Apple Chips for Dogs | Homemade Dog Treats Recipe

  1. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    Hello #Pawdience Finally a new treat video! This one is SUPER easy!
    Anyone can do it! We had to find a use for some of the apples in our
    yard, so I thought this was the perfect excuse! We hope you enjoy this
    video, and if you are looking for more treat videos, click here
    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL400F1C1759E6AF49 for our playlist
    of them! Don’t forget about our #100kbyDec27 Quest, and please share this
    video, and subscribe if you haven’t!

  2. Toaden K says:

    nom nom nom . . . . 

  3. Bella's doggies says:

    Cool! Apple chips and also you spelt recipe wrong : )

  4. Bella's doggies says:

    #DippinDog haha

  5. SuperRillus says:

    4:04 Oakley’s eyes are beautful .

  6. Teresa'sZu Slatton says:

    Shelby says, “I’d rather watch what you are doing.”
    Those look great-a healthy snack for the furbabies and their hu parents!

  7. EmilyLovesHerDogs says:

    What about a cooked Banana pieces because my pup Shania will not eat apples

  8. Irish Saddlebred says:

    I think my horse would like these! Gotta look to see if cinnamon is safe

  9. BiancaWong says:

    Diva moments…. haha

  10. hallie burns says:

    I’ve recently lost my Siberian Husky, Bella. I just wanted to say your
    videos are amazing, I’ve been watching them for a long time. Your videos
    have made me happy during this sad time. You, Jamie, and the dogs make my

  11. Caroline Brown says:

    I make these for myself all the time! Never thought about making them for
    my dogs

  12. thepflederers says:

    I’ve had to post/delete/retype 3 times now! Youtube keeps posting comments
    through my mom/pregnancy channel even though I am on my other, lol.
    Anyways, Memphis is too cute, I laughed when I realized she was standing on
    the two dining room chairs! Levi is also super picky like Shelby with
    certain foods haha. -Arianna

  13. Lauren Garcia says:

    I’m obsessed with your recipes! We currently have 1 husky and 3 pitbulls
    and when they see the mixing bowl come out they go nuts! They love
    everything I’ve made so far, keep them coming! Love from Texas! 

  14. Cheryl Reitz says:

    lol Shelby you are too much. I did use the trick you did with her with the
    chicken broth for my kitty sometimes he does not want to eat his hard food
    so I squirt a little chicken broth on it and he thinks it is the greatest
    thing ever!

  15. pseudohippie55 says:

    Dat Shelby stare at 1:12. She was hypnotizing you into giving her apples!

  16. obscuremedia says:

    I absolutely love your dogs. They are so individual in their personalities
    and it shows. I love how you and your husband are with them. They’re your
    babies. Love Shelby’s ‘diva’ behaviour, though I tend to think it’s more
    that she knows what she likes. Love Memphis’ “I’ll eat it all,” mentality.
    She’s such a mooch. Oakley, as always, is a sweetie. So adorable. Thanks
    for sharing your babies with us. I love coming here each day to see if
    there is anything new posted. Take care and my best to all. One question
    though, does Memphis have any Malamute in her? The reason I’m asking is the
    brown eyes is somewhat unique to the Malamute. The Husky, to my knowledge
    usually have the blue eyes. Thanks for answering if you do. I have subbed.

  17. magnum1165 says:

    before I was born my grandfather had a German Shepard/Broader Collie mix
    named Missy and aparently she wouldn’t eat her food unless he dressed it in
    his homemade tomato sauce, but I guess even when a dog gets a taste of
    Italian cuisine they don’t want anything else lol

  18. Jadyn Olejniczak says:

    I have a question for fan Friday I don’t really know if I’m supposed to
    comment my quiestion or not! Any way my friends mom got a new huskie and
    she wants to shave it because they are going to a warmer clamite for
    vacation ( I live in Wisconsin.) I keep telling her not to shave her huskie
    but she won’t listen to me. How can I convince her not to shave her huskie?

  19. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    Yummy Yummy Dog treat video! :) These are so easy to make, anyone can do
    it! Let us know if you tried it! #100kbyDec27 Don’t forget to help us
    grow the #Pawdience and share this video with your friends! Can we hit
    100k Subs by Dec 27th?

  20. skyekimi says:

    Oops I just sent you a letter, and somewhere on it I asked for more treat
    videos. xD Sorry!

  21. Dan Sharp says:

    Such a easy treat idea! Thanks +Gone to the Snow Dogs!

  22. Karen Sulkowski says:

    I’m going to have to try this recipe & see how my Border Collie Teddy likes
    them. He’s always begging for apples when I make a pie, so we’ll see! :-) 

  23. Mark Marky says:

    Nice video!!!

  24. Corey Kinsella says:

    I love this channel it’s so cool

  25. Anastacia Ozkurt says:

    What kind of fruits can you use besides apples?

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