EDIBLE DOG FOOD?! // vlogust days 20-21

thanks for watching! :) …have you ever eaten a dog treat?! waffle recipe: http://magazine.foxnews.com/recipe/how-make-jorge-cruises-skinny-waffles.

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25 Responses to EDIBLE DOG FOOD?! // vlogust days 20-21

  1. iBaconShow says:

    i think of you when i buy quest bars now, lol

  2. Johanna G. says:

    Did you go to a naturopath for the health/eating advice or a regular gp?
    Love your vlogs btw! :) i cought your quest bar disease loll

  3. Alma Rodriguez says:

    I want to try quest bars so bad but cant find them any where and have you
    tried quest chips?! I wonder if those are good cuz omg would make my life!
    lol Love you Bree glad you’re back at the gym and figured out what you can

  4. Kate SuDel says:

    Bree wheres the recipe for the waffles? :( 

  5. makaylajade says:

    What is your schooling situation? 

  6. Codex Love says:

    are quest bars healthy?

  7. Jordan Ortega says:

    Who’s William

  8. PrettyPink454 says:

    i dont know if i saw this correctly, but is your essie nailpolishes $4.50,
    in Australia they are like $17!? :( 

  9. Jenny Logon says:

    You should check or freelee the banana girl on YouTube

  10. Sophia Isabelle says:

    Does anyone know how much money quest bars are? Cause I know where they
    have them but I feel like there expensive lol

  11. Johanna Franzén says:

    Lovelovelove your vlogs!!!

  12. Sara Butler says:

    I didn’t know you could play the guitar your so good 

  13. cupcakebecka says:

    “Let’s try my really old phone number” HAHHAHA

  14. Lluvia Cardenas says:

    essie polish is like $8.50 here -_-

  15. Marianne Fell says:

    That is one of my favourite worship songs :) 

  16. Mayra Potts says:

    I love you so much I know you so we’ll that I think of you of a long lost
    sister I love u never quit YouTube 

  17. hmwether says:

    Paleo waffles are the BOMB!

  18. Kim Possible says:

    Ahh that’s my favorite song!!! You guys played it so beautifully!! 

  19. Jacinta Mary says:

    You are so tan!! :) 

  20. Maddy Wi says:

    ik that worship song 

  21. Jenna Yarbrough says:

    omg i love that song that you were singing on your guitar! Isn’t it from
    Grace Unplugged? <3

  22. Emina P says:

    Is it just me or is Cambria always jamming out to Hellogoodbye? 

  23. SincerelyAlex16 says:

    Lol my mom got mad at me for eating the chocolate chip cookie dog treat
    from Petco but it taste like human food!

  24. NissKMakeup says:

    what is worship practice ? Does anyone think william talks like stephen
    from the hills? haha love u bree!

  25. HoneyLust1 says:

    Just wondering if one day u can show us your church and show like a little
    of the worship service. Just suggestion. :) 

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