Homemade Dog Biscuits

We heard that dog food is put the test on humans first! So we thought… why not cook up some delicious canine treats! We started with the nicer option of do…

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25 Responses to Homemade Dog Biscuits

  1. SORTED Food says:
  2. Nitish Sunil says:

    Hey guys! Umm could you guys make “Lemon Meringue Pie” please! Really love
    your show! Ohh and if you can pls follow me @NoisyBoiiXD on Instagram and
    twitter! Love all the way from Singapore, cheers!

  3. Humeira Patel says:

    I love chocolate more than Ben loves miscellaneous and random kitchen
    equipment like a monkey cake tin. 

  4. Elinious says:

    JAMES :D

    Also, you guys should do another bloopers compilation video.

  5. NS Khan says:

    App for iPhone!!! Wot about us android users?!?!???!!

  6. Grace Sophia says:

    Sally’s Baking Addiction = one of only two food blogs I trust, the other
    being TheKitchn. Also, have you guys ever made a Wacky Cake? Vegan and
    absolutely amazing. You’ll almost not enjoy regular cake afterwards.

  7. TinyRoboticPiggies says:

    Since you guys are into your outdoor cooking, maybe a Sorted goes Wild
    episode? Taking some wild growing ingredients that people might not know
    we’ve got poking around the woods in the UK and turning them into something
    exquisite. I’m sure Ben would be up to the challenge :) 

  8. timfha says:

    It’s a bad thing that 70% of this video is not about the actual video.

  9. Elsie Acquah says:

    the dog has my name..

  10. Karem Aparicio says:

    Dogs can’t eat milk and peanut butter! It’s bad for them

  11. Emily Stevens says:


  12. astcat says:

    Is the app going to be available internationally? 

  13. mmuu9966 says:

    THIS IS BULLSHIT, make a video on cat food or something please, cats are
    better than dogs.

  14. Jana Katharina says:

    I’m really impressed with Ben for actually chewing the dog food instead of
    just swallowing it and then washing it down with something. I’m also a
    little bit disgusted …

  15. Elizabethe42 says:

    Doesn’t dogs eat pretty much everything? I think its so easy to please them
    - if you compare with cats :o 

  16. Cameron Skoczlas says:

    No VidCon this year? :( 

  17. Michael Carroll says:

    The next animal you feed should be Jamie.

  18. DogsCircle says:

    ♥♥♥ the mole looks likes tacos .. are they the same? ♥♥♥

  19. icecreamsoda117 says:

    innubendoes give me life

  20. Bendablob says:

    What could you substitute the bacon with? (I am vegetarian, don’t feel
    comfortable touching it :P )

  21. Gray SaGa says:

    My dog died after eating it :’( the vet said that it was food poisoning

  22. Barbara White says:

    Helper Dogs are not aposed to have diary or chocolate 

  23. Carol Whitley says:

    dose anyone know that one vid when camera girl said ben looks like a puppy?

  24. Cajun TV Network says:

    Cat treats should be the next pet food video! Thanks for sharing +SORTED

  25. Kate Williams says:

    I used to eat the dog buscuits that came in boxes. Is that bad? Am I the
    only one who used to do that?

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