Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

Basic tutorial on how to bake your own dog treats at home. Connect with me here: ♥ Blog {http://www.farisjaclyn.blogspot.com} ♥ Tumblr {http://www.farisjacly…

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11 Responses to Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

  1. Qermaq says:


  2. cgomes321 says:

    Awww cute fluffy and adorable = perfect dog

  3. Sheila Carpenter says:

    You come up with the cutest ideas and recipes. I love watching all your
    episodes!! ^_^

  4. itsShelbiLouise says:

    Cutest dog ever!!! Love this idea btw <3

  5. denkar1891 says:

    Looked awesome :) -Dennis

  6. Leah kirby says:

    This is amazing Faris! I have seen it already but wanna do it now!!!! Kirby
    thanks you :) Hope you and Bueler are doing good, talk to ya soon!!! xoxoxo
    Leah and Kirby

  7. babyzues17 says:

    Good recipe, I would core the apple first as apple seeds are toxic to dog.

  8. Kayla Price says:

    Does he actually like those though?

  9. Ellie Shapiro says:

    Love the jar idea! (Treats too). I think I would need an assistant for
    Misha’s paw print, and maybe a bigger jar

  10. zaia rel says:

    U look like an actress in our county

  11. Scott Fitzgerald says:

    I have a sure fire summer cool down treat. Take a banana, plain
    yogurt, peanut butter and water. Put them all in the blender until smooth
    and put in ice cube trays in the freezer. Tre loves them when he comes in
    from outside and they are so cheap and easy!! He dances when he hears me
    using HIS blender! Thanks for all the videos Faris

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