Homemade Vegan Dog food Recipe

Many people have requested I show how I make my vegan dog food, so here it is. *I like to use as much organic as possible* -2-3 SWEET POTATOES -2 CUPS OATS -2 CUPS SHORT GRAIN BROWN …

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16 Responses to Homemade Vegan Dog food Recipe

  1. Fufi-Elizabeth says:

    Fufi’s testimonial-
    Hi, I’m Fufi, a 14 & 1/2 year old female chihuahua. I was brought up on a
    meat based diet all my life, but always appreciated some good plant foods
    as well, I loved tofu ever since I was a little pup! Right before my 12th
    birthday I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, it was a very scary
    time for the family. Mom and Dad gave me the best care and love possible.
    They took me to the best cardiologist in the state and mom stayed home to
    care for me. I wasn’t expected to live any longer than a year, but they
    were wrong. The doctors put me on several different medications and a
    special low sodium, canned meat dog food. Mom & Dad cut out any salt (aside
    from natural salt found in plant foods) from my diet and started giving me
    lots of veggies to snack on. They were researching a vegan diet for dogs,
    but were afraid to switch my diet completely, since I was doing so well,
    they didn’t want to risk changing anything.
    My heart disease was still there, remaining the same, but was under
    control. I had a grade 4 heart murmur for years, since that day I went into
    heart failure. Then one day I was at the vet, getting a check up and found
    out I was in the early stages of kidney failure. It showed up on the
    sonogram and in my blood work. Sadly, some of my heart medications take a
    toll on the kidneys. The specialist suggested that I go on a low protein
    diet, since it’s easiest on the kidneys. He was going to give me a
    prescription can dog food consisting of soy, chicken, rice, and other
    mystery ingredients. Mom and Dad thought this was the perfect opportunity
    to switch my diet to a vegan, plant-based diet and discussed it with the
    specialist, he said that would be fine. His only concern wasn’t that it
    wouldn’t be healthy for me, but that it would be too much work on Mom to
    make me food, of course mom said she doesn’t mind at all. My parents
    thought why on earth would they give me a can dog food that has chicken
    parts (bad animal protein) and GMO soy, when she can make me an actual
    healthy dog food. She started making us all vegan dog food and 5-6 months
    later I went to get a check up and blood work from my regular vet and he
    was AMAZED! He listened to my heart and said “I can’t believe it! Is this
    the same dog? This is amazing!!!” Mom said “What is it?!” He said “her
    heart sounds GREAT!” We were all so thrilled! He got out his chart and
    showed her my history, how my murmur was always around a 4 and it was now
    at a 2! He said he it might even be a 1 & 1/2! He said “what ever you’re
    doing, keep it up!” Mom told him how she switched my diet to plant-based,
    she asked if that could be it, he said “absolutely” (and this is not a
    vegan promoting vet, just a regular old vet).
    I got blood work taken and we got the call the next day, with the results.
    My doctor told mom that ALL of my blood work levels are perfect! (mom had
    him do more extensive blood work, to check ALL vitamin level, on top of my
    usual blood work) NO deficiencies AND all my levels had improved! Even more
    amazing, my kidney levels are back to normal! No signs of kidney failure in
    the blood work anymore.
    If this helped me, it might help you too! The secret to doggie health is
    lots of good food and lots of good love and care. Make sure your parents
    take you to get check ups regularly and give you lots of hugs and kisses.
    Thanks for reading my story! xo Fufi-Elizabeth

  2. The Veggie Nut says:

    Homemade Vegan dog food recipe. 

  3. Ti Co says:

    I thought you were not meant to ever veganise pets bc they require meat in
    their diets?

  4. Ti Co says:

    Oh ok then 

  5. The Veggie Nut says:

    Before I get any negative responses, I would like to say, I completely
    understand if someone is confused and thinks that a dog needs meat to
    survive and be healthy. Most people still think that humans actually need
    animal protein to be strong, healthy, and to simply survive. Sadly, most
    people are still unaware that humans are herbivores, not omnivores, so we
    do not need ANY animal protein, in fact animal protein harms us and slowly
    kills us. Dog are omnivores, which doesn’t mean they need meat, it just
    means they can digest and gain nutrients from both animal and plant food.
    This is actually pretty well known these days, that plant foods are good
    for a dogs health, but what is not commonly known is that dogs can be
    completely healthy eating only plant food. Not only can they be healthy,
    but they can fully thrive.
    And please spare me the “dogs are ancestors of wolves”. Yes, but our
    domesticated dogs are NOT wolves. When my dogs are outside and see a
    rabbit, squirrel, bird, etc. they do not chase it down, kill it, and eat
    it. Which is what a wolf would do, chase down an animal and eat it raw. If
    you can’t see the difference between a wolf and my domesticated dogs,
    there’s nothing more I can say to convince you.

    *I’m not telling you that you have to feed your dog a vegan diet, this is
    what I chose to do, and it is working great for them! 

  6. Katherine McGarry says:

    Your recipe is very similar to mine but you add in some extra things that I
    will try. I have a 7yr old Cairn Terrier and a 7 month old Morkie. I feed
    them like this and they are super healthy and everyone thinks that the
    seven yr old is a puppy! I agree that the ingredients in “dog” food are
    terrible. Thanks Shannon for posting this :o ) I’m going to make a batch
    right now.

  7. Vegas Fruity says:

    They are some lucky pups!! That looks so nutritious!!:) you are really

  8. SaltLifeVegan says:

    my chihuahua has kidney & bladder stone issues, he’s 12. he’s on a
    prescription diet (royal canin SO) but I’ve really been considering
    switching him over, just scary since his health isn’t the best (he has to
    have bladder stones removed tomorrow). thanks for posting this video!

  9. eric jones says:

    Your dogs eat better than most people on this planet.

  10. Pippi GlockenCake says:

    Those ingredients looked tasty.
    Reggie, my 10 yr old Maltese has been a vegan for most of his life.
    I haven’t made his food myself ( I buy Natural Balance vegan kibble and
    canned food) but now I’m curious to try this recipe. It looks super healthy
    and easy.
    Thanks for this video.

  11. chhi0054 says:

    I currently make a homemade dog food from a recipe that the vet gave me.
    It’s sweet potatoes with turkey or bison and etc. I will definitely try
    this recipe though to add some vegan goodness to my doggies diet! They will
    definitely love the peanut butter! :) 

  12. J Martinez says:

    I think that my dog will get the runs if they eat all these veggies and
    grains but I wanna try. Will talk to my vet. 

  13. chhi0054 says:

    Also… serious question. not really haha! Have you ever tried the dog food
    yourself? I’m wondering if I could just feed myself this hahaha

  14. selfwounded says:

    Did you come up with this recipe? Well done btw:) 

  15. Tracy Norberg says:

    I really admire you for making your own vegan dog food. I feed my 3 little
    pups vdog kibble along with vegetable mix-ins. 

  16. The Tacky Vegan Cooking Show says:

    I’d love to get my parents’ dog on this, but I really doubt they’d go for
    it hahaha

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