How to cook for your dog: Basic food recipe – Chippendale Vet

A simple and easy way to cook for your dog using a rice cooker. Today’s dish is Beef Minced with Rice. Here is the ingredient list to home prepare an AAFCO balanced diet for an 18kg adult…

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8 Responses to How to cook for your dog: Basic food recipe – Chippendale Vet

  1. steven lennon says:

    I dig ya dawg vids dude

  2. petitepashi says:

    the other ones didn’t feet any meat! Lol! very Cool.

  3. Nic Foundland says:


  4. Nic Foundland says:


  5. nicholasteh82 says:


  6. mrsglover2 says:

    awesome video,thanks for sharing

  7. J M says:

    Is this the dietary requirements (for 18kg dog) for one meal or for one
    day? If you use tuna instead of beef would it be in same proportions? Can
    the cat eat this too? Many thanks.

  8. Dr. Amy Cousino says:

    For easy recipes for home made dog food and cat food made with real fresh
    grocery store ingredients get my cookbook HOW TO COOK FOR YOUR PET, c.
    2009, Go to

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