How to make Raw Dog Food

This video is based on the book, “Real Food for healthy Dogs and Cats” by Dr. Karen Becker.

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23 Responses to How to make Raw Dog Food

  1. 367cuba1 says:

    GREAT VIDEO!!!!! and Yes!! Cabela’s Commercial-Grade 1-3/4 hp Electric
    Grinder, Rock’s!! great for when you have a pack of conavor’s, it gets the
    job done. Dr. Karen Beaker’s book on Raw Food A # 1… Thank you for

  2. 367cuba1 says:

    Hi! After watching your video, I’m left wondering how does the final
    product of the beef equal 8 weeks?? on your counter I see 35 containers.
    I’m also seeing your dogs are big dogs, so do you feed them once a day or
    more? I have an Old English Sheepdog and a Pug, both males and they eat
    twice a day. I do go by their body weight to determine what they will get.
    I buy 40lb. of chicken and when all is prepared I get 22bags for each dog a
    total of 44 bags. My Old English Sheepdog get a 2 pound bag that gives
    him 2 servings morning and night. My pug gets a 12oz. bag, sometimes a
    little more also for 2 servings. So one of your container on counter is
    how much in weight for one big dog? Please give me feedback would like to
    know. I do prepare the boys food using the same Cabela’s Commerical-Grade 1
    3/4 hp Electric Grinder, but in stead of container I use freezer zipper
    lock bags.

  3. 367cuba1 says:

    Hi! again, I have a question regarding “gas” before a started grinding
    their meats which makes it easier for them to digest. OMG!! what can I say
    but run and hide, Lol.. It has made a big difference in using the meat
    grinder. Have you experience the same where gas is concerned?? They use to
    eat their chicken bones whole and I would find it in their stole in pieces
    and sometimes they would throw it up a day or 2 later. I’m guessing this is
    somewhat normal but with that they lose the benefit of getting all of the
    bones nutrition without it being fully digested . I haven’t changed their
    diet the only thing that’s different is grinding their meat’s. It has saved
    our home.

  4. MsTokies says:

    large active dog can have that fat and might need it. over all though i
    thought it was great info. you may want to add chicken feet, and turkey
    feet, as your dog gets older. also i didnt see the rotation for non-bone
    days or large bone feeds? so would love your take on that. also “Just as
    in humans, the “good” fats (omega-3 fats) enhance energy production in your
    dog or cat, so they actually create less fat.” so if that’s a pastured
    meat. give the dog the fats it’s good for them. other than that really
    great job

  5. bonjourq says:

    u don’t use supplements or omega 3 ?

  6. Elizabeth Bernstein says:

    You do realize that dogs source of energy is fat, not carbohydrates like
    primates. Dr. Becker even mentions that in her book.

  7. renee rite says:

    is that a Rottweiler pit bull German shepherd mix?

  8. norscanhordes says:

    Great quality ingredients, but I tend to feed whole cuts so the dogs get to
    chew and gnaw bones etc. Its better for the teeth and promotes healthy
    behavior (dogs chillin’ with a bone)

  9. Julie Torres says:

    Can you estimate (approx.) cost of the total foods for each batch so we can
    see the cost monthly to feed a dog. And how much to feed at a serving (
    1c., 2c.,3c.) depending on the weight of an animal too. Thank 

  10. Julie Torres says:

    Any vitamins , omegas etc. added at each servings? Or is this a complete
    dog food!

  11. Julie Torres says:

    What oils, vitamins etc. would you suggest too.

  12. Sandy Hansen says:

    would be much better with out the music over powering you…

  13. Bubblegumpets says:

    This is really helpful:) can you make one of the supplements you add?

  14. H Simon Bolivar says:

    Wow!!!! how lucky are those dogs.!!!!!

  15. shareourclips says:

    Keep the fat in the dogs food !!! it is a good source of energy especially
    if your dog(s) get adequate exercise. Do a little research online. :) 

  16. Simpo Pamu says:

    Each pet lover should become aware of the toxic dog foods in the market if
    you want to span your dog’s life.

  17. William C says:

    Wow! they are so beautiful I really need to do that for my dog because she
    has major skin problems.

  18. Thunder Paws says:

    Is there any chance you could re-post this video without the background
    music? As someone with hearing problems this was difficult to follow but
    one of the best videos I’ve seen. I’m just learning about the raw diet and
    wanted to say you did a great job!!!

  19. Donna McDonell says:

    1:57 looks like poop lol

  20. Ron Thor says:

    best dang video i’ve seen here on youtube

  21. Amelia Stone says:

    Wonderful video, but I hate that prong collar at the end.

  22. jim mcinnes says:

    how many ounces/how many times a day would you do this for a 12 lb dog?
    (shih tzu terrier mix) Also, do you have to alternate proteins? 

  23. Doppelgangsta says:

    were the chicken pieces ground with the bones, or were the bones removed
    first? Your dogs are beautiful! You must have a big freezer just for dog
    food, now that’s dedication. 

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