K9-Karma: Raw Diet Recipes

I’ve been asked multiple times what are some easy, quick and simple recipes for an all raw diet. Usually, I just throw a few chicken backs, chicken quarters …

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17 Responses to K9-Karma: Raw Diet Recipes

  1. Ingrid Sarayba says:

    2:34 – BOOM!

  2. Ingrid Sarayba says:

    3:12 wow. your dogs must be really into these :) )

  3. Chorizo240 says:

    Do you live around Colton CA or Utah? The Miller’s Honey factory is

  4. Chorizo240 says:

    In Colton and Utah and that’s it. Or I don’t in stores

  5. RaikiriPhoenix says:

    Stockton, CA

  6. Mariana Chavarría says:

    Hi! great recipes!Do you froze the meat and bones before feeding your dogs
    with them? For how long? Because some people said you have to froze them
    for at least 20 days at -18 ° C in order to be safe…in your experience,
    do you agree?

  7. TheBullyMethod says:

    You can freeze meats to kill parasites, mainly freshly killed pig/boar and
    deer, etc. Freeze for 2 weeks and then thaw and feed regularly. Store
    bought meats don’t need to be frozen.

  8. Merivethl Cardenas says:

    How many times a day do u feed a dog with this.. ?

  9. bmore lifted says:

    How many times a day do u feed?

  10. IDon'tReallyKnowHowIGotHere,ButIfYouWentAndMadeMeASandwichThatWouldBeGreat. says:

    I loooooooove this song. Karma by Bump of Chicken.

  11. TheBullyMethod says:

    Me too, it’s my favorite song. :)

  12. pinkgalah says:

    can dogs eat mil products?

  13. tbreebo says:

    What is the meat patti?

  14. bigtime732 says:

    Very good video! Would you consider grinding the meats? I was told not to
    give my bully animal bones.

  15. cm2010 says:

    Hi great video! Just curious how often can and should you feed bully these
    meals throughout week?

  16. Beth9064 says:

    Seems to me your over doing it a bit on supplements 

  17. Alexander Russo says:

    I’m getting a Bully. I find this video very helpful, yet very gross 

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