Meat Loaf Muffins – Dog Food

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25 Responses to Meat Loaf Muffins – Dog Food

  1. The Pet Collective says:

    Chef Poodle is here to teach you how to make meatloaf muffins!

  2. Rachel Bergmann says:

    Am I really the first comment

  3. syvonnie15 says:

    Love this 

  4. halycyon1234 says:

    Awhh! The chef looked like he was really enjoying himself.

  5. The Sims Girly says:

    I tried it

  6. Matthew T says:

    Tastes really good! Thanks for the good recipie!

  7. Rosario Medina says:

    this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Pur3Argonian says:

    I could just imagine someone high as a kite watching this video and
    flipping the fuck out

  9. barrelraces456 says:

    this is so cute!

  10. Ron4936 says:

    I don’t have a dog anymore but I’ll be making these muffins for me :) 

  11. Christian Thorson says:

    Please make more chef poodle videos!

  12. Federico Goldenberg says:

    Muito bom, Chef Poodle!

  13. superbluelpsgirl says:

    mmm, my 2 dogs are having a birthday in July, I will see if my mom can make

  14. Alexandrea J. says:

    This was HILARIOUS! hahahahaha

  15. vivistine says:

    I thought dogs can’t have milk

  16. megan tearle says:

    please do this agin

  17. Araceli Ruby says:


  18. Hallwei says:

    Haha, so cute :D Well done^^ :) 

  19. Rubygem19 says:

    I would like more of these episodes!

  20. Emily Abbott says:

    Does your dog like it in there?

  21. Sean Baker says:

    This video is hilarious and fun!

  22. Joseph Sperrazza says:

    Fantastic video. I am going to try making these. 

  23. Sherol Anglin says:


  24. manila solo says:

    human can eat that recipe to ? it looks delicious and share with a dog :) 

  25. FionnaLover16 says:

    “Mmm..fork!” Lewl xD

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