My homemade dog food recipe

This is my recipe and brief explanation of my homemade dog food. My recipe includes; 2 1/2lb’s chopped meat, 2lb’s ground turkey2 1/2lb’s gizzards and hearts diced, 2lb’s frozen pea’s and carrot’s, 1lb diced beef liver 4 1/2lb’s brown rice, 1-15oz can diced beets w/juice, and homemade chicken stock.. wich i make w/3lbs chicken w/bones in slow cooker for 2 days, then put in blender to liquify. Brief directions; Brown chopped meat and ground turkey, then drain fat, next in a 12qt stock pot, combine all ingredients and enough water to make like a very thick soup, then cook on low heat about 1 1/2 to 2 hours stirring occasionally. You will want it to reduce to the consistency in the video. I portion it in qt size baggies and put 22oz per baggy; thats the recommended amount per day for a 75lb active dog. With this batch, i got 16 days worth, and the cost was roughly -.

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7 Responses to My homemade dog food recipe

  1. kittyq58 says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. erich1313sch says:

    good idea!! hopefuly it will work good with sasha , im working on the video of maya with the springpole

  3. canczechdogs says:

    Looks very good, except for the peas…I hate peas. LOL

    Thanks for sharing

  4. m1shadow says:

    @canczechdogs lol, im not crazy about peas myself either! haha

  5. TheInsomniac247 says:

    thank’s for sharing Chris! it show’s how much you care for Sasha by making this for her plus it’s healthier for her too :)

  6. MrNagaSadow says:

    I think its a good meal for dogs very healthy.

  7. 12345675677 says:

    Sasha so lucky to have you as a daddy :-) thank’s for sharing your lovely video :-)

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