New York Style Hot Dog | Food Busker

‘It’s all about the toppings!’. Spicy mustard, the sweetest crispy onions and a deliciously smoked frankfurter, this hot dog recipe will change the way you m…

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23 Responses to New York Style Hot Dog | Food Busker

  1. Ken Scott says:

    ketchup doesn’t belong on a proper dog.

  2. Fantic1980 says:

    SEVEN POUNDS? Maybe in the heart of London. Here in the Midlands that’s
    about £2.50, maybe £3 at a German Market.

    Also less Wub Wub. You’ll never be a DJ BBQ, Aaron Craze or a Jamie Oliver
    … please don’t try.

  3. Nosferatu Zodd says:

    well in czech republic you´ll get regular hot dog for 12 crowns (£0.3) :D 

  4. irinagr says:

    looks so good!!! I’ll definitely try the mustard sauce with the paprika at
    home :) thanks.

  5. No1HillBilly says:

    $10 for a hotdog, are you nuts?

  6. BattleCheese2 says:

    In Norway, people would easily pay £13-14 for this.

  7. marko marin says:

    I hate this channel. Bcoz it always make me hungry :) 

  8. Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube says:

    Get your dogs round to Drinks Tube HQ sharpish Jonny boy.

  9. Peter Fitzsimmons says:

    In London I’d be happy paying £7 providing the hotdog was high quality. But
    I live in Newcastle and I’d say £5 would be a better pitch. £7 if it came
    with fries maybe!

    Never seen this guy before and I like him. Never thought about putting
    smoked paprika in my mustard as well! I’ll be using this next I do hotdogs
    on the grill!

    Love FoodTube! 

  10. Moose Mus says:

    Looks good but I ain’t payin that much for a hotdog

  11. Emmanuel Rayas says:

    oh shit :/ now im hungry

  12. rocketlaunch99 says:

    Hahaha….$10 that is 500 Indian rupees…..nobody in India will pay this
    kind of money for a hotdog…..anyways nice recipe

  13. Gallaghers Marrs says:

    7-10 pounds? what a rip-off

  14. NocturnalKarnage says:

    would pay $5-$6 australian for that dog there mate

  15. SodaBoy628 says:

    No hot dog is complete without ketchup.

  16. Konstantinos Meichanetzidis says:

    I can’t believe how much they oversell food in UK. They will pay crazy
    money for whatever you give them as long as it looks cool 

  17. bunchaax3 says:

    i would spend these 7 pounds on it, it looks really delicious and high

  18. Mary-Jo Zilveti says:

    Wow!!! This mustard sauce rocks! Great recipe guy! Keep it up. 

  19. NetbusPro says:

    i was looking for how to make a hot dog thanks to your video I know now
    how, thanX subscribe :) 

  20. stephen dang says:

    Would pay for the experience of eating it. Looks delicious by the way

  21. Alex Evans says:

    £7? Pfha! I’d you £3.50, nice recipe dude.

  22. Barraccuda says:

    Fast Food in Europe is just so expensive :/

  23. Freud Caetano Gomes says:

    I cool your hot dog, but a look at the hot dog of Brazil.

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