Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies – Dog Food

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25 Responses to Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies – Dog Food

  1. Sni Ke says:

    Hehe :D 

  2. The Pet Collective says:

    Chef Poodle is making Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies!

  3. Bella's doggies says:

    The dog is so good behaved and doesn’t eat all the ingredients

  4. Noviosity says:

    More cookie recipes…maybe something with banana, my dog hates bananas but

  5. Frida Trolle says:

    This is fucking amazing, a chef poodle.

  6. Sean Baker says:

    I love these videos!

  7. Tina Cakes says:

    This is awesome :D 

  8. LiveForPanda says:

    stupidly adorable

  9. FuDgEBuBbLeZ says:


  10. lpsGirl657 says:

    Chef Poodle is married !?!

  11. Polar Craft says:

    Make a heart shaped puppy chow or something that has to do with hearts
    becuase we love our pets so why not making heart shaped❤️

  12. Libby Hunter says:

    Maybe chicken broth soup?

  13. MOG CHO says:

    cool i, like

  14. Happy Hams Productions says:

    These are good for hamsters too!

  15. mabry mac says:


  16. Pam LaPolt says:

    They sound yummy

  17. catchmeifyoucan says:

    Big lesson here if u can eat it and its healthy it will also be healthy for
    ur dog…

  18. Arman Edrada says:

    Hap dog and hap body of person what ever

  19. Backster Bud says:

    What dog is this? My dad wants one

  20. Roblox YOUUTYFT Gaming says:



  21. Cameron Myrick says:

    Chef poodle reminds me of the turducken 

  22. Emily Flores says:

    Ugh distirbing

  23. Kelly W. says:

    Really cute!

  24. BubbleKinz xox says:

    Chicken soup? Or something with chicken MY DOG LOVES CHIKEN

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