PUMPKIN PIE FOR DOGS | Dog Treat Recipe for Thanksgiving

Click Show More for More! Click for Recipe: http://www.gonetothesnowdogs.com/?p=3040 Are you looking for the perfect treat to give you dog on Thanksgiving? Well look no further! This recipe…

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25 Responses to PUMPKIN PIE FOR DOGS | Dog Treat Recipe for Thanksgiving

  1. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    Hello #Pawdience Just in time for Thanksgiving, we have an awesome Pumpkin
    Pie Dog Treat!
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    Friday 179 Don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe!

  2. Bella's doggies says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys! I see Memphis enjoying the treats in
    the thumbnail!

  3. Bella's doggies says:

    Aaaaand it’s GONE! : )

  4. Love Husky says:

    The tumbnail is soo cute with memphis tounge out aww

  5. Phillip Ho says:

    what could i put in if i dont have pumkin

  6. Toaden K says:

    looks good . . . . yea I’m gonna have to share this one

  7. jordanandrockys cookingshow says:

    You guys are amazing and I love your huskys I will make these for my dog
    all the treats I make from you he LOVES so thanks

  8. Fennekin Fire says:

    So cute!

  9. EmilyLpsTV says:

    So cute!!! When you said “do you wanna try them girls?” It almost looked
    like Memphis nodded 

  10. beingmommywithstyle says:

    My cats would probably love a cat version of this!

  11. Liz Wolf says:

    Canned pumpkin is really good at stopping diarrhea for dogs. I make little
    ice cubes then give them to my dog when she’s sick. Also powered white fish
    helps with diarrhea and vomiting for dogs. Smells horrible but it helps.

  12. HuskeyLoverzzzzzz says:

    Oh come on Memphis, share! :-) 

  13. wonder4ever girl says:

    How come you make treats and not buy them, Is it more heathy for dogs?

  14. CupcakeVamp says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Bless you all! I love you!

  15. Sara Pulse says:

    My dog is going to love this

  16. SpiritG Bear says:

    So cute and mini pies, awesome idea!

  17. Anthony Youngblood says:

    I don’t mean to bother you but my puppy is like swallowing his food whole

  18. skyekimi says:

    aunt’s/cousin’s house for Thanksgiving, and I will also make three for
    their three big dogs. :) This is my favorite treat video you’ve ever made!!
    I will make a video too, on my account TheHappyDogs. :) 

  19. Snow Dogs Vlogs says:

    Did you see our new video on +Gone to the Snow Dogs 

  20. Sharon Lee Hudson says:

    Careful. You could have sprayed that oil into Memphis’ eyes. Please be
    careful with spray around the dogs. Thanks for the info. It’s great.

  21. MamaKatTV says:

    Oh they are happy!!! 

  22. Keirra Mitchell says:

    Your dogs are beautiful :) I’m sooo jealous lol

  23. ConsciousKym says:

    so cute, love their “helping”! #ytmm 

  24. Michael Warbux says:

    Totally gonna try and make this for Hamilton. He’d love this!

  25. Sushi and Runt says:

    That was cute :D 

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