Slow Cooking Homemade Dog Food – Healthy Home Cooking for Dogs

Slow Cooking Homemade Dog Food or as some might call it CROCK POT cooking. These 2 recipes are Grain Free, but feel free to add brown rice or oats if your dog tolerates grains, I just prefer grain free meals for my guys and no longer use them in my recipes, but doesn’t mean they don’t get leftover rice some days :) The Slow Cooker I have was a gift, it was purchased at JCPENNY, it is COOKS brand, not a Crock Pot brand. It’s not all fancy, does not have a timer, just two settings. Which is fine and perfect for me, I do not use it while I am not home so I can care less about a timer. It is also a 6 quart size if anyone is wondering how large it is. I recommend the oval shape vs the round one. Each Slow Cooker might vary with the cooking times… I just put how I use mine. I cooked this recipe on high for 2 hours and on low for 10 hours. Slow and steady, softens the bones and turns out how I want it. You can also grind the bones in the blender after they are cooked if you won’t want to feed them whole or crumble them with your hands. There is no right way, trying different times, different recipes, different ingredients… see what works for you. I keep changing mine around, I do not make it the EXACT same every time, but I do use more meat than anything else in my recipes, which I noticed in a lot of homemade videos on You Tube, a lot of them use more grain than meat, to each their own, but not for my guys :) For those that think dogs need kibble to clean teeth? Please… I

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