South Carolina Bird Dog Recipe | Tailgating Food

So I came across this recipe called the “Bird Dog” in a magazine while waiting in the doctors office. My first though was that this would be a simple meal th…

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25 Responses to South Carolina Bird Dog Recipe | Tailgating Food

  1. heitor pereira says:

    Like before watching the video because i know it will be top!! Brazil is
    watching you!!!

  2. mojototal says:

    You said that we’ll make a mess while breading the chicken. Well, knowing
    me I’d probably get more flour on myself than on the chicken. Either way,
    great recipe and very simple too. 

  3. GqueBBQ says:

    Woof! Never seen that before -Thanks – Those look awesome!

  4. Cajun TV Network says:

    Awesome Simple Recipe. Thanks for Sharing!

  5. TheWolfePit says:

    You know these are GOOD! Great delicious and simple recipe Chris!!!

  6. Linda's Pantry says:


  7. jim nelson says:

    awesome, I will have to make these for a ravens game soon

  8. Scott Abbott says:

    good dawgs. sc.

  9. .rzr says:

    Wow, that looks so good!

  10. Tom's Test Kitchen says:

    Looks really good Chris, I’m really liking that Tastemade series.

  11. BigMeat Sunday says:

    that looks pretty bad to the bone brother man ! Next week brother… VEGAS

  12. GrillingAndSmoking says:

    Niiice!! I want me some Bird Dogs!

  13. Petri Jurvanen says:

    Beautiful, I will try this. Thanks!

  14. Ballistic BBQ says:

    I like it! Simple, with a lot of possibilities. A Buffalo wing twist
    would be killer! Good job Cool-C! 

  15. SmokeyGoodness says:

    You had my son’s undivided attention with these, Chris! (mine too).

  16. Cris Workizer says:

    Awesome job Chris. a lot of different cooks could be made with that dish
    and you made it so simple ,nice touch brother.

  17. DJ BBQ says:

    Amazing, I’m making these for my kids!!!!! They’ll love em. Cheers for
    the inspiration, Chris.

  18. White Thunder BBQ says:

    Tailgate food rocks! And this is a fantastic example! Nice job. 

  19. Smoky Ribs says:

    Oh man, those are killer! What a great idea, and great video!

  20. Kelly Carpenter says:

    Those look really good. Never thought about fried chicken on a hot dog bun.
    Sounds yummy! Great video and recipe! TFS :D 

  21. Chef Stef says:

    Never heard of this! Looks good!! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Smokes A Rollin says:

    Looks insane. Great idea Chris. Killer job.

  23. craigstowing says:

    that is sweet lil recipe… tks bro

  24. COOK WITHMEAT says:

    Awesome, looks fantastic!!! Greetings from Austria

  25. Lumpy Q says:

    I like it too. I am going to see my Grandchildren in South Carolina next
    month and this is perfect, I can get the older ones involved, at least with
    the dredging part and assembly. Thank Chris for a great recipe idea.

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